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The Semester is off to a good start but I dont have any breaks, which is really what I want. I hate having free time , thats when I slack the most lol mainly bc I dont know how to manage my time efficiently.. I dont care for it bc i’m a hippie at heart. Even though this Semester will be a long and rigorous one.. you know Junior year and all… I’m so appreciative of my support system. They will seriously get me through, You know the best and most genuine friends are the ones you can call at 3 in the morning


I opened another blog earlier this week, the diff this time is that this one is a photo blog. Im sitting here done w classes and I don’t necessarily have work to do. What Shall I do take pics. I’ll add them over here if they are pretty.. if they aren’t.. welp I tried.

Glossy Print Photos, colorful Designs, gritty Textured Paintings, lovey dovie music with jolly instrumentals, sultry voices and stuff that Smells good but not too strong but because they cause my allergies to act up. Things like these actually make me happy enough to jump around the house cheesing and screaming for days… I’d say im an 8 year old living in a grown womans body… sigh.

THIS!!! Funny Story, Ive been thinking of trying to perfect making vexels since I was about 13. I tried a few times but never actually practiced. The difference with then and now is that I have all of the necessary tools to create something as fab as this but you know what stops me? being a scaredy bug (dont like cats) This was created with ADOBE CS3 and Wacom tablet ( I have a bamboo wacom tablet and Adobe CS5) One of these days duriing the semester when I start to stress hard enough and I need a break I am sooo going to work on this.


I need to get a new DSLR asap, ive been saying this but every-time I save, I spend on something else. But If I don’t get that camera by Christmas I will scream.. Ok maybe my birthday because I always get my bday/xmas gifts merged anyway. (writing a note/reminder for my daddy) So i feel silly for mocking the hurricane last night. I had to turn into Mrs. Fix it because my basement flooded and all seaside decided to flow into my home. Honestly I don’t know how I find my self in situations like these but I am always prepared. Following my daddy around when I was little really paid off… I can fix anything if I really had too lol I was so glad I haven’t bothered to get a manicure because that would have been a complete waste last night. On the bright side my cute rain-boots totally came in handy :)

I haven’t given up on working against maternal and infant mortality i just had to get my own life together. The passion is definitely there just not the time, i’m hoping this semester will bring a lot of opportunities to work to better the condition that women endure while in labor as well as during their pregnancies.

– This hurricane business just gave me more umpf to hit the kitchen, once i woke up I made about 3 meals at once. Im pretty proud of myself considering I’ve been avoiding the kitchen all week. Everything is delish! I just hope the power really doesn’t go out bc Ill be highly upset.

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Although you meet individuals almost everyday its not so easy to make lasting friendships and bonds with them. I absolutely hate this because there are so many genuine people out there that are worth getting to know but because of so many rules and what not its hard to do that. People naturally guard themselves from others under the impression that they will get hurt, duped, disrespected etc. Its too bad because it pulls society down in the sense that you don’t really know who is around you.

I’ve always had this fascination with people and knowing their story, backgrounds, past and why they are who they have become. I love getting to understand a person’s situations both big and small. I really dont appreciate how people find it so hard to share with others. Of course its understandable because you cant really trust too many people these days and I even have the toughest time sharing how I feel and who I am with people I am close to.

This post isnt all too random, I’ve been following a blog for quite some time and it is owned by someone that attended my school. This person is so brilliant and I am not even exaggerating its just cool that I can get to know them through the little they post on their blog. And I think there are so relatable and wonderful people out there but no one takes a chance to get to know them for whatever reason. Just taking the time to learn about someone can seriously benefit you, not sure how but it does. Adding someone else’s human experience gives you insight that you would have never thought to apply to your own life.

When I was little I wanted to be a reporter not to really tell others about news or w/e but just so I could sit down and interview people for days, I dont think its the busy body in me but just the pure fascination with other folks. For some odd reason I actually care . :) I’ll figure it out..

** If the person I was talking about reads this : YOU ARE SOOOO AWESOME! If you ever decide to write a book or publish any thing I will be the first person all over it!


Woops, I slipped up in a moment of frustration and Aired out my baby sis on here. I love her so much but sometimes that little girl just know exactly how to make me fume, As do all of my siblings.
Funny enough something else is bothering me , I’m supposed to be in a state of worry, panic and confusion but Id rather just smile and deal with it. It will get better… eventually, I mean Life cant always suck.

Now off to save the world!



I must paint myself to be very self-interested being that I dont reflect on anything other than my personal issues. I don’t mean for this to be an apology because it isn’t, Id just like to address the fact that the blog is meant for me to express what I cant on a regular day. At times I feel the need to share something Im passionate about ,people in my life find them to be mediocre. In other situations I jut rather not share anything with others but feel more comfortable blurting it here. Well on to more sharing…

Earlier this summer I didnt know what to expect of myself, seemed like everything was cloudy and unsure, and until about mid June it actually was. Somehow all of my decisions were made for me and life became a little bit less confusing and frustrating. Now the problem is actually dealing with all of these new situations coming my way and gutting the fear that come along with it. Im leaving fear behind this time so hopefully everything I do from now on will be less stressful… .

My first real love might have actually been my second love but now that Im l talking to someone new I feel like I might have never even been in love before.

So I mentioned how bored I am with my kindle its so bad I dont even know where I packed it when I moved out of my apartment. However someone has sparked my interest in it again and it makes me want to find a new favorite author. Last summer I think I read quite a number of books but now Ive just been in a whole different zone. I want to read again! seriously sit and enjoy a few good books… that gives me some type of peace that I cant explain. I downloaded a couple of e-books I guess I should load them to my kindle. Any suggestions would be nice for books to read, k thx!

Occasionally I go back and look at my old posts just see what I might have been dealing w in the past. I’ve had this blog for 3 years now and its a nice way to jog my memory. However I have had many blogs before this one i have even made a few others after. So I decide to search for one of my oldest blogs on google. I found 3 and I was instantly cracking up, try to imagine what it is like to come across the 10 year old version of yourself. I dont even know where I thought of the things I came up with half the time. It was nice to see that but I would never want anyone to find them… a very good way to embarrass me. I know that once I’m older I’ll get a chance to look back on my most recent blogs and laugh too.