I must finish this paper…. like tonight! absolutely, Im so motivated then I change my mind and quit…. lay on the bed and cuddle my pillows while listening to awesome love songs. I think I lack productivity because i ate breakfast today, My body must be confused on what to do with all o fthe extra energy. Other than this paper and getting read for finals only  one thing is two things are on my mind.   My business[es]…. and my birthday.

The birthday dress  is here, im scared to pick it up, I dont want to hate it! The hotel is booked but I might have to change my mind …. which I dont think I will Its my birthday right only the important people will show up, all others can party elsewhere since I probably dont like them anyway. So maybe  I think I have a whole new IDEA!!!!!

My business[es]  I dont think of them as business but more just things I love doing that just happen to bring in income.  Theres nothgn greater than getting to do what you love and we all know if it’s techy I love it.  I really need to fix my mac.. I jammed the mouse so its screwing w my creativity. Also My sibs lost my bamboo tablet pen. EEK….  What else? Im tired of my Camera, its not flashy enough, Seriously I want a detachable lens.  I dont neessarily what anyone to get it for me for xmas id fel terrible lol it owuld just be easier to get money for christmas so I canbuy it myself on my birthday.. Clever Ehh?

Another thing thats bugging me… I wish All my close girls lived near me.. None of us live nearby anymore  at all, so sad i still see them and talk to them more than those I see everyday though, True story. Now….  to stay in this bed and complete the paper.. slowly, or to  get up, get dressed , pick up my dress in the maill room then Hit the library -_- yeh I might do the latter so i will have time to study for my actual final coming up, lord prepare me!

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