As usual When i’m not thinking of things of importance and value, love is always on my mind. It was fitting that I registered for a psychology of Love course this semester and I absolutely learned more about How humans love and more importantly how I love. My final Research and project are in the works but ive come to one conclusion, love can only be true, never abused, never neglected, and never compromised. So in short… Ive never loved, however I know what t is to love. So What brings this up other than the fact that im finishing up my research is this song I just came across

Hopefully All this will make some sort of sense. My language I love it so much. SImply… the way people are crazy over romance languages I am crazy over Yoruba, I honestly feel it is a SEXY language. It Commands and yet it is Prayerful and sweet…. See how beautiful it sounds in the Song DADA, her voice is great but the greatness in it is the language. Yoruba is a prayerful language and almost everything said is said with a positive mind and intentions. Dont get me wrong it can be harsh but words of endearment in yoruba go straight to the heart. Honestly…. its difficul to have a conversation with a yoruba person where Amen is not somewhere in the exchange.

As for the song IFE!!! I am so taken away! Its a true love song and it is nothing but sweet, Translation… We love eachother, and we are together so why not just get married of course this is no perfect translation but its good enough. As a love sap… I can just imagine singing this to someone I will one day love, this is a classic in my ears so genuine and lovely.

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