Being busy has been the best thing that’s happened to be all semester. It’s been a while since I have been this occupied. less Time to think and more time to actualize my potential!! lol too much? Well I’ve been really enjoying this semester Not sure why exactly but its great, Challenging but I love it Maybe because everything fell into place around me too.

unimportant note, I really love getting to meet people because I am always wrong w my initial impression. I’m ok w that bc its nice to know people are usually what I make them up to be. Usually I sum up the worse just because its easier that way. When people show you how interesting awesome and wonderful they are its nice to know there are cool people like that around.

Not sure when I’ll be back…. intense stuff. But I’ve accomplished a lot since may. * Air 5!!… more to do by next May Abi?

Category: Academia, Self Portrait
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