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“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry, For Beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day, For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.”

^^ something my mom would totally say. I spent hours on skype with her the other day, lol Finally I asked her  how awesome would it be if she could skype and talk to her parents as much as I talk to her <3  it would have been such a lovely thing if she were able to.  But im so happy I get to talk and see my mummy whenever I want, that woman is my heart.  Being the first child and basically being w her alone for the longest  has been so important to me bc she was my best friend and big sister, mom and dad before anyone else mattered. I LOOOOOOVE HER!!!

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wouldnt it be nice if I actually edited this thing? HAHAH…. not likely to happen, deal with it, I hate editing. This isnt school!


I must finish this paper…. like tonight! absolutely, Im so motivated then I change my mind and quit…. lay on the bed and cuddle my pillows while listening to awesome love songs. I think I lack productivity because i ate breakfast today, My body must be confused on what to do with all o fthe extra energy. Other than this paper and getting read for finals only  one thing is two things are on my mind.   My business[es]…. and my birthday.

The birthday dress  is here, im scared to pick it up, I dont want to hate it! The hotel is booked but I might have to change my mind …. which I dont think I will Its my birthday right only the important people will show up, all others can party elsewhere since I probably dont like them anyway. So maybe  I think I have a whole new IDEA!!!!!

My business[es]  I dont think of them as business but more just things I love doing that just happen to bring in income.  Theres nothgn greater than getting to do what you love and we all know if it’s techy I love it.  I really need to fix my mac.. I jammed the mouse so its screwing w my creativity. Also My sibs lost my bamboo tablet pen. EEK….  What else? Im tired of my Camera, its not flashy enough, Seriously I want a detachable lens.  I dont neessarily what anyone to get it for me for xmas id fel terrible lol it owuld just be easier to get money for christmas so I canbuy it myself on my birthday.. Clever Ehh?

Another thing thats bugging me… I wish All my close girls lived near me.. None of us live nearby anymore  at all, so sad i still see them and talk to them more than those I see everyday though, True story. Now….  to stay in this bed and complete the paper.. slowly, or to  get up, get dressed , pick up my dress in the maill room then Hit the library -_- yeh I might do the latter so i will have time to study for my actual final coming up, lord prepare me!


As usual When i’m not thinking of things of importance and value, love is always on my mind. It was fitting that I registered for a psychology of Love course this semester and I absolutely learned more about How humans love and more importantly how I love. My final Research and project are in the works but ive come to one conclusion, love can only be true, never abused, never neglected, and never compromised. So in short… Ive never loved, however I know what t is to love. So What brings this up other than the fact that im finishing up my research is this song I just came across

Hopefully All this will make some sort of sense. My language I love it so much. SImply… the way people are crazy over romance languages I am crazy over Yoruba, I honestly feel it is a SEXY language. It Commands and yet it is Prayerful and sweet…. See how beautiful it sounds in the Song DADA, her voice is great but the greatness in it is the language. Yoruba is a prayerful language and almost everything said is said with a positive mind and intentions. Dont get me wrong it can be harsh but words of endearment in yoruba go straight to the heart. Honestly…. its difficul to have a conversation with a yoruba person where Amen is not somewhere in the exchange.

As for the song IFE!!! I am so taken away! Its a true love song and it is nothing but sweet, Translation… We love eachother, and we are together so why not just get married of course this is no perfect translation but its good enough. As a love sap… I can just imagine singing this to someone I will one day love, this is a classic in my ears so genuine and lovely.

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I really should be in bed now but I slept earlier and I decided to do laundry and clean up instead, and I’m pretty much trying to clean and tidy up eveything.  My semester is almost over and I’m nothing but thrilled, I really can’t wait for winter break its such a good feeling. I’m already in the holiday spirit and another good thing is ky bday is coming up ! I just feel like ill really get to enjoy this break Plus I might have a bit more time to blog, this is the least I’ve ever blogged…. Stuff just got real lol school is something this time around. Hmm well ill br back maybe sooner