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I dont know where my nikon is and I dont really care I want another model..

My favorite movie in the whole entire world is the musical, the sound of music. I think It is because I absolutely adore Julie Andrews and that Fancy British Accent. Its also because Maria the main character who Julie plays is a dreamer to the umpteenth power. Nothing ever made her to stop dreaming, Not a bunch of bad kids, the nazis, some mean nuns… nothing (im totally aware that the musical was loosely based on fact but w/e). I grew up thinking I can dream my way out of things and once things get bad I sing about my favorite things and pretend I am on singing on the Alps. ( I actually got to go to Austria and do this during high school…) Dreaming is a pastime and is ingrained in my lifestyle. If i couldn’t dream, the most outlandish things I wouldn’t be me. The only problem would be fear but Someone told me that Fear is a dream killer and quite frankly i dream way too much to have them slaughtered to death by a useless feeling. For those of you that don’t dream and fantasize as much as I do.. Im sorry for you I guess., your real world must really suck =)

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