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I have another Idea!!! I cant wait to work on it and then place a link on here =)

primavera is evil w its flowers blooming and blossoming, im stuck w red and puffy ugly eyes, irritated nose and the list goes on. i shouldnt be going through this misery at 5am in the morning. i didnt want to take my medicine bc it literally knocks me out for hours at a time… but what the heck, idc anymore. i hope my kids dont get this crap

Lesson learned, 2 zyrtecs at 5 am means sleep till 2pm… Thank goodness I dont have early classes.
-_- Stupid allergies


They make New Jersey/New York seem so Care free and sunday like!
Gaaaah I love this band, Ezra Koenig man! <3

Just came to check the blog for a quick sec while I procrastinate by not writing these 8 papers I have lined up and I realized my blogs have been up since 08. It may not seem like a big deal but It just makes me laugh when I see all of these crap tumblr blogs and weak sauce fashion blogs and people really think they are doing something new. I never started to blog because I was trying to be profound but it was basically the only place I could speak my mind without my mom going off on me b/c of her traditional Naija views. I’m just really excited that Im still hosted by the same person (Thx Olivia) and that I still blogging here. The Summer I started this blog was a huge transition in life for me and every year after that I have been able to document the crazy, weird and interesting things in my life. Never really thought of doing this to impress anyone b/c Ive been blogging since I was 10 yrs old… about 5 blogs before this and Ive made a few after this. I just use MZR to know where I’ve been in life and its crazy that 3 years have flew by so quickly!


Being in love is such a great feeling.   Im not in love right now.. but I have been  before  and I’m sure I will be a few more times before I find “the one”.  I don’t think  you have to fall in love with one person its so easy to fall in love with different characteristics of different individuals.   It doesnt mean  I’ll be content  or  that the love will be returned but it feels great for the moment and when its time to move on….  I’ll accept the fact and  keep searching for the love of my life.  Until then I’ll enjoy the bits and pieces of mini loves I encounter.

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I honestly liked it better when people asked me what do you want to be when you grow up rather than.. what is your major.  As  the indecisive person I am… I find reasons to change my major  well almost every day… and I actually want to change it everyday while still  focused on one goal .. MED SCHOOL..  I didn’t come to college to  focus on one thing and be bored with  one  terrible subject but more-so to test my limits and see other things that are out there for me.  I might just be going to college in the wrong era then.  When I was little My perception on college  was so different… not I cant wait to get out.  I am being Denise Huxtable and I know it, I dont mind either because I know someway, somehow it WILL all workout for me, once I figure out exactly what I want.    Some people think I’m an art major, others think I’m business and  If I were in the engineering building ad often as I used to be last year they’d probably think I wanted to be an engineering student as well….   What evs, No stress.

Its a shame though, this whole experience is moving ridiculously fast, sophomore year is  over in less than a month and  I refuse to spend more  time that I intended to at howard, I girl’s got to Grow so a girl’s got to go… the  amount of times I hear people say they have to stay longer than they anticipated irks me.  So   if it means time has to move fast and I dont get to enjoy college.. let it be so because I DO NOT  want to be a super senior.

As for that.. wish me luck these next few week, its going to be   me and these books!