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Right after  church I went to shop right to get some ingredients for the mini feast  I wanted to cook for My sibs before I left.   Since then I had been on my feet in the kitchen.  Cooking is something I enjoy doing and tend to do well ONLY when I feel like it.  I’ve really just been cooking this past week and I dont know why really.    I was just happy that each meal I made  My sibs enjoyed them all.  My Final spring break dinner Before I finish the semester off  was  My perfected Jollof Rice  w plantains, Baked Chicken & turkey, and  Puff puff ( something similar to DD munchkins  but  FRIED and Fattening and Delicious!)

They really enjoyed my week back home  minus  th emoments we spent yelling at one another.  I really missed my sibs but I had forgotten how much I rely on them  and that really made me tired!  One practice after the other…  plus meetings, plus cooking, plus tutorung, plus discipline -_-.  As much as I am nagging thouh Iwould do anything for my babies  they are my heart.

Now to complete my final  Desing project for the week. I’ve really been living on photoshop and it went well for the most part.  I’ll have to update molliani soon.


The  Designs Im working on are coming out so well! Yay meeeeee… I cant belive how much better I have become but Im not complaining, No where but up from here!

Ok sooooo   I just had this moment with God (other people  who have these moments know what Im talking about) I was vexing over something  and freaking out!!   We talked  for a little bit and instantly Im feeling better.   I keep hearing  that no one should always rely on a pastor or man of God to  really get through to Him.  The Bible is  the gateway to  really having that perfect conversation with God and I have been really taking that for granted. But knowing  what he said in the word  makes such a huge difference in the confidence you have in prayer and  although I’m not    a bible scholar   I am trying to really  read it more and know what is in it so I can back up my prayers with what is in it.  So yeh.. I wasnt feeling great and I took the word and even sang the word!  Soon after I’m feeling great HI-Five for God!!!

ooh ooh!  So im working on   A t-shirt and Flyer design for a local church,  Im really excited and i’m hoping it comes out well, I cant wait to rock my JESUS SHIRT!!


lol ok NIght biddies

I dont think I’ll have a grand , super fabulous, glamourous,   Spring break until Next year and even more likely My senior year  but I dont really mind. Such is life  Right now I need to ‘grind’.  So Far I’ve been taking care of business lol  some  things concerning my sibs, helping my parents with a lot of stuff  and  also  Doing my own thing.

I was blessed with about 4  Clients this week who all need their projects done this week.  This really makes me happy because it proves that HUGE obnoxious Molliani Logo I put on the  ASA fliers for the February events caught a couple pf peoples eyes. It also shows that people like my work Im really glad I  improved during my practice period during the summer.  I want to be able to work on that this summer too… that is between  classes and work.

Im happy Wish me luck..  hopefully all this work will help me buy my new DSLR… (looking for a sexy  but   simple Cannon/Nikon DSLR)

I didnt get to celebrate it exactly the way I want because…  Midterms practically took over my life, but  I  hope to take part in the festivities next year.   I’m really just focused on school and a mini project that I am working on but I cant reveal for some time.   I’ve been stressing a lot and what have I done to fix it… when I stop breathe and paint my nails. O.P.I. fan for life!! I have oodles of  request to work on designs but all during this week… I cant do them its too much and I am a perfectionist once I start designing and I cant divide my time between studying and other things.  Well the plan is to do really well this week and just relax all next week.  hmmm… wish me luck