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Its cheesy but Im the princess of cheesey lol  yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had other than my birthday 1/8   and 1/18.. see the similarity? Everything is moving in the perfect direction and I had one of those  miracle moments. God is really working in my life people.  As I write blogs each day they are becoming mini testimonies and I’m starting to think maybe thats why I blog.   I have been through some interesting times in the past two years and without God and My wonderful friends that happened to be well acquainted with him before ….I wouldn’t be able to stand on solid rock today. Things that I shouldn’t even be able to say or do are possible because God has intervened in my life in  so many situations.  I’ll admit I dont necessarily blog about my problems  in detail but it shouldn’t matter. Im not ready to pour my heart out. When I do pour my heart out.. its a private post..if I ever feel comfortable to publicize them You will see that MY GOD IS A LIVING GOD.    He takes the place of Prozac, a financial Loan, a therapist/psychologist, a doctor, a friend, a lover, and often times a relative.  God is there for me… I know I happen to draw back from him on occasion but he never  says he wont take me back and for whatever reason he shows me his grace, favor, and  mercy to every day.

I just wanted to share How Much I love my Living God,  My Jesus, my Emmanuel <3 ….

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I havent had a fresh from my mind blog in a while, tonight feels like a great time to change that. I think I may have fell asleep on my living room couch earlier today so It explains why I am awake right now. Lately I’ve been Asleep… reading… or occupied doing homework or something much more important.  Yesterday was completely different, My apartment that I believe I pay good money for LOST power… that is bad, but it got worse because that happened in the midst of snow storm. Luckily nothing crazy happened but I did see a couple of people get themselves in trouble in the building.   One person got caught in his foolish love triangle lol and tried to include my roommate and myself in his lies,  another group of people set up a stripper pole a few floors down, and one of our friends’ roommate was shot w  taser because he was supposedly high off of PCP.    College is the home of everything you have been sheltered from all your life… its quite ridiculous.

Today was not as eventful but it gave me enough time to think.

One thing I cant do is love others and express how I feel about them. I try my hardest to be caring and sweet to others but the love that you provide for your siblings family and friends aren’t the same as the one you  share with the one.   I haven’t been looking for anyone but it sure would be nice to have someone around. I’ve come to terms that I’m not ready to be in an actual relationship in which both of us are ready to make sacrifices for one another.  I’m feeling quite selfish lately so why rush into something that will only lead to trouble. Overall it’s no big deal….  When I do start to think about how silly I sound for thinking about such trivial things I remember this song. I was driving one day  in a very lovey dovey mood and reminicing on past relationships and I heard the lyrics

Why are you looking for love
Why are you still searching as if I’m not enough

It was a “DUH” moment…  all the things I think I need from a significant other is being provided by  my eternal love of my life!   If you have never felt God’s love then  you will just think Im crazy and that is ok.   The love will come on its on but God will always be my love and its the best feeling to know that that is an everlasting commitment and he isnt going anywhere.

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Best gift ever!  I’ve been complaining about wanting  an e-reader for the longest time and I finally got it!  My parents got it for my birthday and I was tooooo excited.    I have the sweetest little moments on the metro fully focused on my kindle.  Right now Im reading The  Damned and The Beautiful by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I love reading, absolutely love reading,  I got hooked when my mother would read the  Mickey mouse adventures , Dr Suess, and The Bearenstein Bears to me in her different character voices back in our apartment in the Ville. Eventually she started to bribe me to read, and it really worked.   I was truly obsessed with books…. it creeps me out that my brother said something about not liking to read.  The kindle is great though it has  the internet and and mp3 options and that is honestly what I need most when I purchase a tech product, I need music and internet. The fact that is has 3g service that works globally is great too… I mean thats incase I happen to travel a lot lol.  Currently I only have pre-copyright books and some study material on it, Im anticipating on building a huge e-book library.    I hope the John Carson Book is on kindle because it may actually be my favorite, I dont know how many times I  have read it… but I keep reading it, when I dont do that I have my sibs read it to me when they misbehave =) hehehe… Well I just wanted to share my new toy. I haven’t gotten completely used to it but im sure once I add more books and I find the perfect case/cover I’ll be fine.

I don’t have a productive method to designing and its causing  a terrible mental block. It initially starts w  browsing  the web for inspiration and at times other places like magazines or even tv.  However it’s not  been working lately ,  everything just remains blank. Although I have the ability to create some great work… I dont.    I know exactly what I want to do, and I do have  the resources but something is it more difficult than it needs to be.

As im writing this Im still looking for something to ignite my hands to make for first design and deviation for the year.  It has to be perfect so  I dont go back form there. I’ll have to do better and greater afterwards.

As i Was writing this, i stumbled upon some great ideas and eventually designed this :)   I named it Molliani Afrique, What do you think?

First Deviation Design of the year

First Deviation Design of the year


Congratulations to me, This is my 200th post on this blog and im excited because it falls on the First day of 2011 !  My holiday has been great, lots of rest and  good times with the people I love and cherish the most.   The end of the year was perfect, I was at church Praying for a successful and healthy  12 more months, I am positive entered January with favor and unrivaled lifting.  Based on that Self Prophesy  I cannot wait to update  my readers on   all the new things  I will encounter.