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Goooooooooooood Music <3

I love contemporary Gospel music** !!!

** I’ll stop posting on her as if it’s a tumblr prettu soon, Im just very ‘busy’ at home”

Long Life, Health, and prosperity!!


More than five months after one of the worst floods in history, millions of people in Pakistan remain displaced and living without basic necessities. The floods swept away homes, roads and bridges, crops and livestock, livelihoods and lives. Women and children are particularly vulnerable. A new 11-minute documentary, ‘…Giving Life a Chance’ sheds light on the urgent needs of displaced Pakistani women, and how UNFPA and its humanitarian partners are helping to address their needs.

No baby should be born into discomfort, Neither should any mother have to worry about her child’s safe delivery.  It’s also quite unpleasant that so many women and families have to sacrifice one life for another.  Because of lax  attitudes and ridiculous tradition , women, mainly impoverished have to deal with crap each time they have been blessed with a bundle of joy. What should be the happiest moment of their life then turns into a night mare.  In previous posts  i explained that my biggest reasons for caring about these situations stem from personal loss and struggles with infant and maternal mortality.  While talking with my daddy he was telling me that two huge problems are poverty and disparity.  I pray that none of my readers ever experience poverty it is something too painful to understand.  I’ve witnessed it first hand and when you see others living a life of struggle especially in a country that is not fully  capable to take  responsibility to help all of its inhabitants its disturbing.  Disparity is essentially gaps and inequalities in health care due to the  “gaps and inequalities” in finances.  I think that is right.  Problem stated, now what do we do with it?

I feel like there is a lot to be done, Of course  organizations will always want money but there are not enough trained individuals out there that can really help women and children in need.  It is bad enough on a regular day where the worst case scenario is dash of poverty and a teaspoon of disparity , but when you add a natual disaster to it, like the flood in Pakistan or the earthquake in Haiti  then “the shit hits the fan”.  These people cannot do anything with legislation, neither can they swaddle or nourish a newborn with Dollars, Pounds,and Euro. Training compassionate people that want to give the hopeless at chance at life makes a world of a difference.  Of course  they would have to learn on their own and continue once they have been shown how to take care of themselve but it has got to be done at some point.

I have issues with tradition…  I’ll touch on that later.

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things actually happen when I tend to list them so i’ll take it back.. I just hope you find your ambition kid, Love youu!

I’m fuming right now, so i cant even  get anything out so i will list it.

1. your lack of ambition breaks my little heart.’

2.  You have the world in your hands and you choose to live content with less than you deserve

3. you have got to be kidding me.

4 I cannot stand when people who are blessed with practically everything, more so opportunity than materials   dismiss their blessings.

5. I  can never say someone does not deserve their blessings but Had I been blessed with everything you had, know that I would be doing far more than you are right now.

conclusion… spoiled brats  should never be spoiled to begin with. If you  dont work for what you have I assume you think you dont have to appreciate it.  …. you deserve a good hook in the jaw.

still angry. goodnight


I am afraid to fall and back track in life. Once life picks up for me and everything is going great and I am seeing break throughs left and right I want to make sure I have the will power to avoid things that will take that away from me.   Forward Ever, backward never is one the the most cliche sayings that I hear in my culture but it speaks truth. Being at the pinnacale or at a higher point in  your life than you ever were before and seeking to go higher should not be ruined by minimal mistakes.  I’ll just pray  against backsliding in all levels.

I’ve been home all week CARLESS. It is no fun neither is it practical for anyone in this house.  Everything is about 50 times easier when I have a vehicle and a license. I lost my license  and wallet about two weeks ago and i have been limited to do so many things. I really would hate to go through this ordeal again it is no fun. Now that I am trying to get to the DMV i cannot find my 6 points of documentation. This bites .

This sums it up. (^_^)

On another note.  I cant even begin to explain the  level and number of emotions I am going through, Fear, Excitement, Anticipation and of course FAITH  being at the top of the list.  Going through so much emotionally is making it a bit tough to explain what is going on with me even though that is not usually the case. Just give me a second to get it all together, I’ll be back better than before =)


the best part about making mistakes is that your friends will remind you about it everyday, no matter what.   No  matter how bad the mistake was , they will make you laugh at it.  I’m glad I can  make jest of my past errors,  its better than crying over them.


November stats show that I had the highest volume of visitors to this website ever!    Not exactly sure what that means, I’m assuming the traffic is coming from my twitter account. Well I would really like to recap my weekend without going  into details complete details,  It began with VIP service in a DC  nightclub then I became well acquainted with a Mr. Damian a Cuban guy from Miami who happens to be in the navy stationed in VA beach.  It was great I never met a guy in the navy before it reminded me of the song by the  village men… yes that blatantly obvious one.    I havent been able to blog because I didnt have   those usual night where I am up till 4 am thinking  so loud that they fall on the computer screen.  I’ve also been busy reading Helena  Andrews’ memoir BITNB…..    I need to dedicate another blog to it , it means something to me almost like I expected to be but a bit more.   It pushes me to actually want to write a book too… not necessarily a memoir, Im not so comfortable sharing  a lot of my personal life  even though I have this .25% tell all blog.

mmm that’s enough for now.  By the time I finish the book a lot more will be cooking up…. and people it is OOOOK to comment Good or bad. I could care less I’d just like to match reality to the visitor counts.

I also figured out what My problem in writing is ( dont assume I  write like  I dont my blog regularly this is very very relaxed me)  but w my serious writing I found the problem… not sure if I  feel like fixing it right away or know how to… its been my problem since 9th grade, Laird couldnt fix it I wonder who eventually will.


1st semester of my sophomore year is over, as far as classes are concerened.  Oh dear it has been an interesting year so far.

I am always in the mood to say something on here but for the past week it has been difficult, I cannot get a word out.   an update is…. I bout the B I T N B book…  once I finish it, I can really make a post.