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I dont think anything but that matters.


Here’s a Video of younger brother Obafemi  playing his rendition of Billionair by Bruno Mars and that other guy =)

He did a pretty good Job, Go over and support him so he can get excited to make more videos. The kid has talent being  he only had 3 years of professional instruction and learned how to play  when he was 5


Helena Andrews is a purveyor of all things awesome


Honestly I hate the title, I wish it wasnt so vulgar, but vulgarity sells…. I know I will absolutely love the book content wise. From what I read about her life.. she’s  someone to look up to, and being  that i loooove nonfiction im ready for this memoir.  What makes it exciting is that She is still young  and the book is recent, if i were to ever meet her, which I plan on doing I can still ask her some relevant detailed questions. As in there wouldnt be much of a generation gap, neither would it be too awkward i may be getting ahead of myself I havent even read the book yet Excuse me. I almost wish that a kindle will kindly fall on my lap today (and stay there) so  I can purchase the e-book version of  this memoir by Helena Andrews.  She just seems like someone I need to know about.   An 80′s rendition of the authors  I’ve Grown up reading.  Every time I read a book by an African American woman  I hope to find something about myself. Not to be cliche but it is a fact.  Each book  allows me to find out if I am truly the only one going through the ordeals in my life  and  if not.. how did they fix their  situations so i can learn from them.DUH. (not too important but significant to me)  Until now, I hadnt realized how much I enjoy and read these select books… still not too sure [mid thought that I cant  quite explain]  BUT  I need this one.  If you want to get  it for me be my guest but I honestly think this will be my only Black Friday Purchase today.

Imagine the Awkward feeling I had  Saying Bitch over the Phone line to a Barnes & Noble  Associate.  Currently calling them to see if it is in stock, If so I AM DEF going to get it today. Then maybe Half of the Yellow Sun because Derin.. aka NOLA  says it is just that good.  (edit) THEY DONT HAVE IT! why?!  ugh… amazon it is. =’(I haven’t been reading as much as I would like to. It is so depressing. I need need neeeeeeed an Ebook reader

******* On second note

I dont think I will like it. Im listening to the audible and it sounds Annoying.  Unless it is just the way the woman is Reading it who is not the Author, We’ll see..

If you care to check, I suggest you should,   I always post something on or around the holidays. If you care to notice, I know you will, I have always been rather bitter and angry around the holidays.  As everything in my life is getting better and orderly and BLESSED… it is showing.   God did it, I know there is more to come but Last night was the night Ihave always wanted.  A Thanksgiving dinner with people I love. They know I love them, I know they love me,  and quite honestly the feels I felt last night could not be explained.

Basically I was introduced to my new Grandad last night.  My mother basically adopted a new mom and dad. (They are quite wonderful people, beautiful family and so loving. Everything Ive always wanted in Grandparents lol)  Well we  went to their home for thanksgiving last night and I promise it was like being in a cosby episode, I am just saying this to get the point across of how good I felt.   The home was filled with Success, happiness, and Love.  The whole night I was thinking I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS, I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!…. I will, jus t now now, Im still tryingt o enjoy the feeling I felt being with my family and my new extended family.



This picture just made me super excited.  I am going to love my Career.

I went to visit some people today and it was such a breath of fresh air.  I hadn’t seen a few of them in months, Years. It felt so great to see them again.  It really put me back into perspective Of what i have always wanted out of life. Who I am and how I interact with people.   Home is really where the heart is. <3

** This break is going to be phenomenal

You should be working now.

written, read, understood.. DONE


Why I blog, I could never formulate my words the way the English Professors wanted. It was always a B+ and I hated it so very much. Much more than you could ever imagine. I’d rather get a C and know I was being average than get a B and know I was close to perfection. Not in a literal sense anyway.. that is crazy it would lower my GPA of course. Well I hate writing for Teachers and professors, for whatever reason they think what they studied is the only way to express your heart, Excuse me but get out of your butthole and just understand what i am trying to say. Then of course my mother, When ever I wrote anything beyond my years… about love or what ever “grown” or “adult” thoughts i had expressed on paper would result in some type of reprimand or punishment so I just hated writing all together. I thought a lot. Quite alot. I loved other people’s words. It wasnt the same… Blogging is done my way.. no correction, obnoxious red marks, questions as to why I wrote it or how i wrote it or what is missing or lacking detail. It is my way… i dont intend to sell it or impress anyone with it. Just to say.. look this is what was in my head, It had to get out or i would be annoyed for ever. I cant do the poetic thing where it sounds like perfection once it is read but I can do my thing. Not too sure what all of ‘my thing’ is but it is going somewhere. My blog tells me where I have been where i have yet to go and just how far i am willing to go to tell it. Dont get my wrong I dont publicize all of my posts. I have so many posts that are private, blocked, and password protected. Not all 3 but a combination of at least two. Now dont ask my why I blog, just read, accept and keep it moving.

Other people that blog are so impressive to me. Its taking a private diary and giving it to the world, but i feel like a blog is just as secretive, not everyone will really read it, and not everyone that reads it will even have a care to mention what they have bothered to read on it. =/ I feel like im rambling now but eh who’s to tell me to stop! well… I just want to shout out to all the bloggers, You hold a special place in my heart ( actual bloggers… the ones that let it all out) <3


I feel crappy in every sense of the word.
Sick, aching, I must have Threw up about twice already. Of course that sucks for me but I have pretty much everything i need in my room, my apartment. If not, I can just walk across the street to cvs, Giants, or Target to get better. Worst case Scenario I call my parents or family to just make sure I get well.

Problem? With Everything I can do for myself i feel terible I couldnt help this lady today. I see homeless people all the time in DC and they have perfected Begging, making it an art as sick as it sounds. In Georgetown some poeple have even made it a business where a guy Who owns two cell phone and a huge white brand new Yukon denali, patrols the corners and requests the alloted change from his beggars on the corners of the street.

The woman I saw at the China town metro today made me so angry! She must have been in her early 30′s if not late 20′s. No Jacket and sat down with a small card board with writing in her hand. I was trying to read the cardboard just out of curiosity and I notice she had a child no more than 2 months swaddled in a light blanket. In my own pain and need to get home, fearing that I would get sick on the metro platform I just kept rushing home to my destination.

While I gripping my stomach from pain and holding my mouth to make sure I dont embarrass myself im getting sicker thining of the lady with the baby at the china town metro. If I wasnt so sick I would have went to buy her lunch or something. The poor baby…. I’m actually too angry to continue.. night


1 20 page summary
1 4 page paper
1 sick me
no assignment accomplished >.<


I’ll stop being a brat about the whole commenting situation, which really is the lack of. The reason I am open to say whatever I want to say is because No one really visits and Im fine with that. I will be sure to neglect my Awstats for some time now, maybe until my birthday when some numbers might just make me excited. About my birthday the only thing I want is for My Daddy and Mommy to be home =) I promise they are the epitome of workaholic.
***My Last post was confusing correct? did you google it? it still made no sense abi? Well cool I will decipher it in may and it will all make sense.

I’ve been writing a lot about my Life advocacy (commitment), not sure if that was the proper way to explain it, but I digress… Maternal Health. I have been doing more and more research and I feel like either no one knows or no one cares. I wish everyone cared because it honestly could have been your mother. The day of my birth actually pisses me off… well not actually the day but the Nurses that delivered me or tried to.. I dont really understand their role other than standing their like buffoons. I just feel all children that are not ‘privileged’ to be born in the developed world of the Upper-Upper class world of the developing countries could just be told there were no complications during their labor. I promise If I ever found the nurses that were on standby at my delivery I would SO de-register them as nurses!!

There is always something at birth. I would be so scared to got through it now anyway, I wouldn’t be able to handle it, the what ifs alone would overcome the labor pains. I know I am exaggerating but i am a worry wart at times and everything needs to go the right way. I’ve been planning how my clinic would look since I was 5, I never wanted to be a ballerina, or a singer just a Doctor, an that was always perfectly normal. Its as normal as you can get when your favorite toys at 5 yrs old are your Dad’s Stethoscope and BP cuff .. so serious.

When I finally get around to opening a women’s clinic in Nigeria I’m naming it after my Grandmother. Once that is complete I might actually feel complete. As cliche as I sound I as close to genuine as you can imagine.

I dont think i want to blog about this subject matter anymore Although it has helped me in some instances. Now for the work I have been procrastinating. dear oh my Help me!