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Tonight is specials because I am finally listening to the John Legend & The Roots Wake Up album. =) The Vinyl copy that I won is posted on my wall just looking beautiful. The only reason that got accomplished is because i finally decided to rearrange my room and do some cleaning up. It’s not easy for me to clean without good music so it begin with JL, then I decided to import the new album into my itunes. It is not my favorite album thus far but it’s working for the mood. I have a huge exam tomorrow evening and I should be panicking but I dont feel like it. I can be ready.. it’s possible. So much to update but I am not really ready to do all of that. just keep praying for me =)

Everyone needs some good intercessory prayer as often as they can get it, Very much including myself.
Please & Thanks.


I saw and Ex last night, VERY RANDOM… since Im in DC and all my exes are back home. I always called him my favorite ex b/c he was the one that never caused me heart ache. No tears, No drama, just a mutual understanding that we werent meant for eachother. So I started thinking of the guys I have dated and how much I did care about them and how much that affected me. I got too consumed in the relationship and it was what hurt the relationship and myself most. I guess it’s cool to care about someone but there is one thing I have held dear since the day I read it. Everything should be in moderation and that goes for love as well. You can love someone and cherish them but being too involved can be detrimental. I’ve learned my lesson. It doesnt mean to be completely stoic either b/c i’ve been in situations where I cared but didnt show it a bit. It’s life, you live and learn.