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The most chemistry I have been focusing on in the past couple of years have been with the male species. Right now.. I actually have to focus on the subject. I feel as though I had a terrible experience with it early on in my child hood so now I detest it. There is never a time that I encounter Chemistry where i do not literally cry… I guess I can compare it to the guys I have dated. I never actually want them.. then I slowly start to like them… then.. I realize its honestly not for me and its an EPIC FAIL hahah…. at the end of the day I still have something lingering in the back of my head telling me i can try again and I can concur Chem’s heart. I think I can do it this time. Dont get me wrong I have never failed chem but I have never been.. Totally comfortable with it either. It makes me cry and gives me nightmares (HONEST TO GOD). [ I would not tell people this on a regular bases because others make it seem so easy] well You all can eff off, unless you want to help. My past tutor, who happens to be an Army Officer scared me into REAAALLY wanting to Beat this subject. he also lost hope in me and thinks I dont care.. the thing is i just learn differently when it comes to subjects I hate, IE chem and math (>_>) . Dont assume I am stupid or anything I just always hated math…. When I was 4 my daddy would force me to do times tables… and when I fell asleep I’d get in trouble. Also In 5th grade i would always do my Math hw during homeroom in the bathroom… I guess that HATE of numbers carried on. I need to stop, well i have for the most part, I just need a grade that represents that, Sigh… I


This is the first week that I am going to ALL of my classes bc I added 2 more on Friday, a Chem and Spanish 1. I will have a crazy work load this semester. Pray for me but you know something? I know I can get through it, LETS GO!!! on to the point of no return, Degree or BUST!

Im laying down in the couch in my living room Listening to my baby sister Snore her exhaustion away and the rest of my family is also here knocked out. I complain a whole lot about coming home but moments like these make me appreciate them so much more. It may be because they are quite but I digress. This is the longest I have been home since Last June. The day after I graduated Highschool. My family is one of a kind and I know I need to work really hard to keep them unique. I LOVE IT, but I’ve got to go.

This was the first time ever I worked a 9-5 but to top it all off I had a second job on the side. I became a grown up over night. Commuting, paying toll, Being addressed as ‘Miss Omolara’ I got a Nice hefty Paycheck that was swept away by my mean angry bank, and unexpected overdrafts. Dealing w a few medical emergencies. As much as I was frustrated and tired and fed up, I loved it. The students I met were one of a kind. Gems, intelligent little beings that were trying so hard to be adults. 13 and 14 year olds doing College level Calculus , Chem and Physics, loved them like they were my own sibs. But they dealt w so much more. Growing up sucks, especially when your parents are from another country. Well such is life, I’ll continue to pray for them… even though I got cursed out and tons of eyes rolled at me, I love my PROYECTO monsters.

SLEEP. the first half of my summer was dedicated to Chem 1, it was such a struggle to go to class every day for 4 hours for the same class and still come home, have no sleep and despite all the work come under your expectations. I dont regret much [ My tutor is ready to cut me up into little pieces bc he thinks im lazy] but I’ll get my A in due time. My sleepless nights turned around quick when I had to wake up at 7 to be at work by 8:15 about 30 minutes away from home…. then I couldnt work out after that. BLAH what a set of weeks for me. The week that topped it off was the night I was throwing a Party w My God Brother and best friend. It was a bust and I think some hoodrat girls took advantage of that to fight my BFF and COusin b/c of it. twas a sight to see B*** and F-bombs with ease. I managed to laugh at it all. I drove down to the shore the next day.. NO HELP TO MY COUSIN lol but Jersey Turnpike is its own world so i dont blame her. It was beautiful I had no idea how beautiful the Jersey Shore is. [not the horrible show, the gorgeous NJ beach] (we call it shore not beach) SOOOO many pictures but I noticed my weeks of work and not working out caught up to me. So that was quickly fixed. Also my Nephew was born July 4. the Fire works on that day were extra bright and extra loud, all for my litte CJ. I took the responsibility to see him atleast once a week. taking pictures of his growing Belly EACH TIME!

Spirituality; My faith and trust in God was challenged this summer. It was a very subtle challenge so I take it as a blessing. i am proud to say that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and this summer could have been a sad one if I didnt have him in My life. My Lord Provides, heals,and Conquers all… I learned that a life a celibacy /abstinence is perfect i just need to stay away from anyone who wants to challenge it. I also learned to forgive. still learning to learn… so all in all life is good. getting better each day

backto school:
so much to do so little time, not enough time or funds but i still need to go. Prayer will get me there and God will Guarantee my return….

Goodnight Summer, it has been a pleasure


ill be home for only a few days more, bittersweet. iLL HAVE FREEDOM
but ill miss the fam. I havent been able to do much online bc I have no internet at home lol long story. hopefully i can get wordpress working on my phone :D PRAY for me, ill need it

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