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I have a ridiculous love for young entrepreneurs. I just have this fantastical idea of individuals that are young and are working to make their dreams the number one innovation there is. I think it is wonderful that people are not always going by the book. You dont necessarily need to have a degree to make your dreams fly away and become reality [this doesnt mean dont get a degree I just mean do things on the side]. Its so attractive to. Why just go to school and read books and just do everything the way it is supposed to be when you can do so much more. Staying up in the middle of the night for your grades and your dreams are great! Having one more thing to work towards and drive you to success is wonderful to.. idk im getting redundant i guess. something about these guys. Their ambition makes me want to help them thrive not even their products. More power to young entrepreneurs .

As for me, I finally decided to put more work into my ambitions. All of the promises I made earlier during this holiday, I have fulfilled most of them. With the help of God I’m getting somewhere in life that might as well be cloud nine. I have been consistently building my portfolio in the past few weeks and I am so pleased with my progress. This is only the beginning of my journey to Dream world. I launched a temp version of my website just the other day . So far i am getting some really great feedback, I shouldnt be content with minor progress so I wont me. Not ready to pat myself on the back untill I do some Monumental things. Until then Working harder than the day before.
- More power to the young entrepreneur


Im listening to Heaven by Jamie Foxx [pandora selection] Music like this should always manifest into real life over and over again. Words from a hopeless Romantic. I havent been involved in any scenarios such as this in a while so for now I have lost some hope in romance. Deep down I am deeply in love with one individual, but he has yet to show me who he is.

I’ve been making myself do a lot of work lately. 40+ work week, ridiculous but not as bad as I assumed, I travel from my area to Jersey city every day and two days out of that I work later at a tutoring center. Its actually pretty fun but very tiring. In my free time between all of this I have been designing like a Maniac.

Im Slowly building a portfolio and website. Im hoping a lot will come from it.


My baby brother was sick last week and one of the remedies that i actually googled was to mix honey with yogurt. While my mom mixing, the honey is above my mac, trying to avoid it form getting on my keyboard, i move it… and… it gets all over my Z.. its functional but sticky lol.

Well That was the only downside to my weekend. Thursday I got a job,, friday I got another job, spend the day w my sis b/c she came down for the weekend from school and went to a cook out on Saturday. Today was July 4th and my Nephew CJ was born just a few minutes ago. Im happy.

Well. My posts are most likely going to be short during this summer. Lots to do. not much time to blog [= catchya later