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I knew things werent going to be perfect this summer, I accepted that
but I counted on ONE thing. It has to pull through. Oh gosh! Im scared now =/
I have been misdirected a few times too many. The fact that a map was placed on my lap and I am being directed to a beautiful future is more than a blessing. When God gives you a good opportunity, take it and run with it. I’m sure Im not being very explicit but the point is, we all go astray but if you are given a chance to turn yourself around [do it]. You can only go up and gain more blessings.
God isnt done with me yet, he is working, working hard at that, i’ll be a success story eventually and a lot of people have seen me grow, but more people will see me when I make my testimony. I’m not perfect but I am trying, if you dont understand then you arent there yet. That’s okay there is nothing wrong with that you just need a little push or maybe a little shove. Just get started… you dont want all hell to break lose before you realize you need to get your life together. so I reaaaaly urge you to visit visit PH.ORG It’s a gift. I promise. It’s not radical, and its not boring its just the truth.

I do not remember when I did not have a camera. I have always been a little amateur photographer, Ive taken photo courses, design courses etc but I have yet to use them to my advantage. Until now.
Introducing my new baby [I havent named him/her yet]

what do I plan to do with this? I dont know, but it sure does make me happy. I am not an instrumentalist, nor am I a poet, I hardly like to say i sing unless i am at church but I can say i am a designer and when I’m bold enough i’ll say Im a photographer, because it makes be happy.
I got it at a price that should pay for itself soon enough. I’m doing some reading and teaching myself how to get all this together. Soon i’ll have a portfolio along with my graphic designs. :D
It has so many cool tricks and advantages [<3 my first DSLR] i cant wait to get this all figured out.
bes part about all this is that I have support from my family and friends so I am beyond excited.

what I have so far [feedback/critique pls]:

Some people are so much better at being who they are, than who they are trying to be.

I honestly hope that gets the point across.

I’ve been having trouble with telling the truth. no,I am not a liar but I will choose to keep how I really feel from you if I feel you cant handle it. This of course is rare because I have been recently told that I have a very abrasive tongue and I can be harsh with my true yet hurtful words. I guess I’m telling the wrong people the truth.

When you are in love, it is hard to find the words to the melody that makes your heart dance.


…. I was really angry a few minutes ago then I began to sing “like a Star” by CBR… and I figured if the whole summer is a bust nothing will ruin my chances of seeing her in August. Then I remembered my beautiful encounter with John Legend. []MY HEART []…. life is good when you have music aye?


I graduated High School with a sufficient unweighted GPA. Although it was good enough it really angered me that it was nothing like my weighted GPA. I have always been a hard worker and showed perseverance as a student but The zeal must have worn off somewhere and I cannot seem to recollect how it happened. I do not put as much effort as I used to in my education, I was fed up after a while but It quite honestly needs to stop. My GPA has been the same since my last semester of high school, through my first and second semesters of College. Something about that irritates me beyond measure. Meanwhile others that I KNOW are not as bright as I am are getting higher GPAs.. yes they are working harder but I can only blame myself.
I have so many goals lined up and I must tackle them all at once i cannot let this laziness barricade my path towards success. A new Attitude has been put into effect as this post was written. If I DO NOT get my desired GPA by next semester, maybe even this summer session I will need to let a lot of things go and really re-evaluate my priorities.

9Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. 11Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. 12Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:9-12 <--- leaving this here so I dont forget it.

Church Bball tournament/ bbq
I was told to do this like two weeks ago. I had serious Designer's blog. At the end of the day I'm not pleased with it but The client likes it, sooo Whatever. (I just want my freaking BFA... smh HU needs to makes this an easier process)


There are people that are blessed with everything that they encounter. No problems and no worries. They are given the advantage of knowing happiness and love from birth and really don’t have to turn back. I’m not saying Im one of them but I know that everything has not always been perfect for me. I have had a number of situations where I felt like giving up and letting go but I thank God that wasn’t my outcome. Even though the straight and narrow path is the way to go, I feel privileged that I messed up and went about the wild and open path that everyone else is trekking.

These past couple of months are a true example of that. I messed up and got it together on so many occasions. It’s interesting that the year I wanted so badly came and is going away in less than a week. I learned much more than I anticipated. There were things about myself that I was so clueless about until now.
I learned that I do have a mouth on me but it comes with a proud and strong mind and heart. Although I wont let anything stand in my way I still learned to humble myself and take things as they come. Never expected half the things I encountered these past two semesters but I don’t regret a bit of it.
Howard University you treated me pretty well. I guess I appreciated it. I shall be back in the fall, remember me!