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I havent been here in days and it is just that my life has been so busy lately, this is the first day I have been free to just relax in weeks.  I took advantage of it to the max.  So I will continue to relax and explain how the HU ASA fashion show was. Im pretty sure it was a success and so was my Ọmọgệ dance team’s perfomance <3


After the terrible snow storm/blizzard that DC had to deal with last week I decided to go home. After all school was closed all week! It’s funny though they opned up on friday.. smh I wasnt there nyway. I was home in NJ enjoying my new BED! ugh queen size and UBER comfy. Well even though I loved loved loved my new bed and spending time witht he fam I had some pleasure to take care of. I took part in my first legitimate and romantic Valentines Day. I dont want to give him too much credit but it’s one i wont forget and will cherish  in my heart. lol I must be getting too cheesy but It was  pretty much my dream outing.   Well School starts again and I have to be on my GRIND… -_-


You know how when you are deeply infatuated with someone  even their sweet nothings can fill your ears with joy and bliss and happiness. They aren’t  the  same thing to me so I don’t care if you feel it is redundant . Some people just have the will power to refresh their minds and forget all those nothings. Not me i have so many sweet nothings in my ear that mean nothing that I don’t have room for anymore. It works out quite well for me I guess but what if Its something I really need to listen to one day. ahh not important I was just cursed to love.

Well Snow day for the past forever. I dont think I hav actually seen this much snow in so long. I took advantage of no school and being snowed in to move into my new dorm. Had to, my ex roomie and I got at it and she thought it was cool to mush me.. smh, folk just dont realize you cant do it. Had I not cared it would have been a different story but i just kept cussing up a storm lol :D . Anyway i requested a new room and I feel like this is actually the  type of environment Ive been praying for. I almost feel as if God placed me in my first room because I had to appreciate who I have now. Well its whatever and the past, my sisters  on the other hand are still upset lol but I guess they have to trust me on this one and realize that i handled it like an adult. im sure deep down inside they are proud of me.

Well other than loafing around and watching movies I know i should take serious advantage of all these days of no school and study.  But for some reason i still dont feel motivated. Before it was college but I think the fact that i never received everything I anticipated im not trying to work in vain. I mean Im here going to school with the same folk that have much lower results than I did. Idk. My lack of drive comes out so different to others too.  I feel like I come out as a ditz.  I feel like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde like 78% of the time. Whatever if they only knew. But remember IDGAF lol.

Guess ill go study or some ish.

Ive heard , Omolara you are being to mean, you need to be nice, and Ive also heard Omolara youare too nice you need to be a little mean. I think Ive found my middle ground. IDGAF!  I know it is rather vulgar but it does get the job done. This past week Ive been doing what is necesary to stand my ground and not be walked all over. I cannot be anyone’s  floormat as i would neve use anyone as such. It is very frustrating when you try your hardest to avoid conflict but in the end you are hurt. Now i am going to handle this the right way.   I am glad. Its not a new me or a changed me its just me. I have to put myslef first but I still have others in mind.