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…… gotta add wordpress to m  phone again so i can blog n the go. life is currently to busy for anything else :)


I had a very creepy nightmare a few minutes ago. I dont know where it came from and Im glad Im awak right now. It scared me so much that I had to call my loved ones to see if they were ok. Quite honestly Ive been having these scary dreams since i got to college. It revolves around my college descicon. Basiclly it says how I should have selected a school closer to home, thus I would have not had a catastrophe on my hands.

I did feel like that and I quite honestly miss my family but  God forbid any of that crap happens. I cant elive it bothers me so much. Ive been here for a very long time now and generally I love it. I cant wait to go back home but i dont feel i should be having cold fee after the fact, it is just ridiculous.


Soooo I am offically regisiter for 9 credits but I am taking 16! Hopefully I can get my override form signed tomorrow, YAY. Good to be back to school. All last weekend I partied. It was great, got my mind off off.. nothing really. I havent stressed oer anything in a while. I’e just been re-exploring DC and NW DC. Love it. Ive have chiptole too many times. ive walked aimlessly around campus. But all this time Im spending doing good nothing I must exchange for useful somethings. I dont want to be shorthanded with time. Th eother nights I was using my insomnia as a way of partying now Im using it as a way of studying. Hope for the best and I really hope I can get to redesigning this wp theme b4 Olivia gets irked with me.

1. enjoyed it!!

2. didnt realize that many ppl cared

3. realized some still dont

4. IDC life is ubergreat!

5. gnite!

p.s.— how come I can never get my hands on a LLoyd album?
P.s.s—My cheeks are not going anywhere

Every year of you life is piece of the puzzle that just makes you who you are.Being eighteen is quite honestly a milestone, meaning it is a huge part of who I am. This past year was wild… Like.. ridiculously wild. If I listed what I’ve done and tried… first you would gasp then you would laugh then you would just say, eff it happy Birthday because I’m just that darn wonderful. Everyone associates [18] with freedom and adulthood and so much more. I feel that I took those beliefs and ran with them. This past year was filled with so many memories and thoughts I would not have it any other way. I wish I could name everything without exposing the secret lifestyles of many people I love and associate with but I’ll just do you all the honor of keeping all of those memories within my heart.

Cheers to the the suitors..drunken nights..sweatbox …BIO…house parties.. fafsa.. prom night/weekend… graduation… old friends HCOP… Hockey games..Balls..Laughs…..HU…the [BROWNIE]… SEQUINED TIGHT FORM FITTING DRESSES.. touch football.. pink drinks… new friends interesting living quarters… VLA…tear..Thrown Mcflurries..CHERRY… and ME

If you love me.. you’ll continue to be apart of my fun driven life if you dont, enjoy it from afar.. Cus guess what I’m 19 now.. nothing is stopping me..

-IJN <3

Sweet.. looks like a sugar cube to me I LOVE.

Many memories to be caputred this semster.. where will they start? THE TRAIN DUH! lol Didnt eve purchase my tickets yet, waiting for my parents to send me the money to purchase. I also rememebr I have to buy books.. EH…

So my schedule is pretty interesting this semester very chill.. I think so Hopefully Bio and Philosophy wont hurt me…  I need to actually enroll in Philosophy and Pilates  they were full early on! YIKES…

I cannot sleep,  at night. I can knock off a few hours of sleep during the day however I would like to join the rest of  the world of 8 hour night sleepers. this is ridiculous.

new* Got myself a durable camera for my birthday, im hoping it will last for me.. up until i have time to take design classes and purchase one of those ridiculously gorgeous 35mm camera with manual and automatic settings..

will be in Jersey in 2 days.. DC in 4 i love this College life thing, Georgia did me well. It was a great way to begin the new year, relaxed as heck!

Im back to my oldself again THINKING beyond measures. just Beautifull…. I’ll edit adn profread this later its too early/late to care!

I am turning nineteen-19 in just four days. It feels more like next week for the fact that I will not fully celebrate until then. It’s really something to be because I cant imagine myself 19.  Every year I remember how I always used  to say “I cant wait until Im thirteen”..crazy. Well God will continue to bless me and give me breath.

I am still in Atlanta.. the truth of my escapade here will remain unvailed for the simple fact that I enjoy keeping secrets, at times. Once I get home to New Jersey I would like to have a birthday dinner.  I usually have a raunchy little  party in my basement but I’ll pass.  Hopefully all goes well.

19 is one of those years where there is really nothing important to do. its not 18 and its not 21. There is generally nothing to achieve. Not I. Making moves will be a serious thing for me in the months to come. I have done quite a lot as an individual but Im no where near finished.. **JUST WATCH ME WORK**

** So I was honestly trying to avoid making a big deal about the New Year, I lied to myself.  It has been 3 full days and we are now beginning a fourth, I don’t remember being this stress free in years. Its unbelievable because how much stress can a girl really go through, if you only knew what  I hid behind my bubbly persona. I did leave a lot of baggage in the previous year and all the little glitches I ran into in the past year have suddenly disappeared. I’m grateful.

I woke up with a warm feeling. The New Year is always a big deal for me but now I’m just taking it all easy. QUE SERA SERA… what will be will be and I will put work  in when it is necessary. The plan was to go to the peach drop but my God parents wanted us all together at church. It was great,  I know a lot of prayers were answered.  This morning I had a great brunch and all is pretty much in the Air right now.

My sister and I really want to explore the ATL night life, we will see how that spans out.   Right now I’m off to Enjoy the day and the city, be safe and more importantly be happy…