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[funny: Im am seriously aboard flight 2009 of Delta Airlines, isnt that just cute?!?! 12/31/09]

Hey so  I didnt think that I would ever take advantage of using wi-fi while on the plane.  Firstly I wasn’t aware that it was  possible and when I did find out that it was a possibility I honestly didn’t think  I  would bother because I’m a penny pincher. Well Delta has this free promotion and so I hopped on it. It’s not great it keeps freezing but whatever.  Like usual had no sleep last night  I stayed up helping my brother apply to private high-schools. I wish I went to private school when my mom asked me to.  Well we were up for a while but I was so tired and had a crash around 4/5 . I didn’t actually sleep well because I got a wake up call at 5:30ish and boy was I tired. Was completely worried that my luggage was too much but in the end I should have packed more GRR. There was a 30 minute delay because it started snowing out of nowhere. So glad I’m not there to watch lol but the captain told us that its raining pretty badly in G.A.   I’ve been sleeping all through pretty much. Hmph

Well Its the 30th…. I feel rather unmoved by that you know. A lot has happened and A lot more will happen the year doesn’t quite change much.


I am listening to my favorite itunes plYkist which includes the likes of Solange Knowles, John legend, Corrine Bailey Rae, and now adding Ryan Leslie. That playlist honestly keeps me sane and makes me realize that othe people must have the type of heart and mind I do. Today was a very uneventful day, I woke up very early to take my sister to the hair salon, did some minor shopping and stopped at the library. I actually dont like going to out public library but its the second time this week I had to go there because I needed to add/drop some courses and I wont have internet at home until thursday which is the day I depart for Georgia. Overall my schedule is beautiful. No courses on tuesday and I seldomly have to attend class because I have two online classes. Im thinking about dropping one because it doesnt even fit into my scheme. I also need to add philosophy. Well because I have no internet Ive been entertqining myald with 3g on my phone. Good times.

In the next 24 hrs Ill need to do laundry, see a half a dozen gifts, exchange late xmas gifts, and go to the genius bar to figure out why my computer is not finding my iphone.

I would be having more of a good time in my final days in NJ for 2009 but my mother wants me all to herself and it soo Cold outside, I cant even get away with wearing a leather jacket out like can in DC. I also can do much because I dont want to see a lot of people, yes Ive avoided seeing some people on purpose. I just feel like I hVe outgrown them. It seems like i have changed but its not the case, they just stayed the same. Static individuals dont please me. Umm a very warm thank you to my darling cousin Derin, ahe commented on the dead blog that people seem to visit but lack the will to comment on its irritating. It wasnt a problem when I was still keeping it private but now Id like some feedbAck. I shall give it time. Bout to. Chill w the fam. Toodles.

So I tried blogging about my Christmas, its pointless.   In Short I got sick ,pissed off because my youngest siblings were rather ungrateful ,and  to top it off I was asleep through out the day.  Let’s not forget that a couple of people decided to curse me out because I forgot about them  on Xmas even though I was siiiiick!!!  I wont be surprised if I lose more friends by the time ’09 is over. WELL friends are not the only thing I am losing. I seem to be  losing my hair too. I cut it earlier this year but I don’t know Im pretty sure it isn’t growing I wanna chop it all off now because I quite frankly don’t care. Its really only hair. SHIT… stick a weave on it and I’ll be good. Or maybe its just too tight and nappy, we’ll see what happens after I perm it.

Well I’m going through a rough time in my life. Everything seems to be fine with me but not with everyone else in my life. The worst thing I can think of is seeing someone I  love go through bad times and I honestly can’t do anything. It hurts most when they DON’T want my help.  I wish  I cared less this way Id be happy because I can at least be happy with my life.

I dont quite remember any of my earlier Christmases or really any of them. I think Ive blocked out amny of my holidays for good reason quite actually. Africans and American traditional holidays causes stress for a growing child. Anyway.. like I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post it wont be tht case for my siblings.. Oh I went all the way with their presents. Yes with my own money. I cant wait to see their faces!

Well My break from Howard University..FIRST SEMESTER over.. is very good. Everything but a few minor details seem to be going rather well. Now I am just chilling. Tomorrow will be interesting MOM at work Xmas morning lol stroy of my life. But off to church we will go… picking up my cousin his wife and cild to church.. back home for food and more presents. [I know these people didnt get me anything]

QUESTION… anyone willing to answer please do. Ive noticed people wishing me a merry Christmas on Christmas EVE [wheredeydodata?!] its new and odd to me.. am I just lost or has this been going on for soem time. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY ALL!!!Happy Holidays from Omolara Schatzii

Everyone is quite joyful and happy in the house. Expect me..ish. Im happy and everything is great but I cant help but get the feeling that im missing something here. Im not sure if its the fact that [the site is um DEAD], or it very well may be the fact that the holidays literally ran my pockets DRY… or it could just be the fact that I miss something, somewhere, someone..idk. Anyway The past few days I have been looking for places for tutorials. i am always looking to advance myself in photoshop and design. I think I found a place. Honestly cant wait to do tutorials. I almost started larning how to vexel but I feel i just do not have the will power for it. Well im about to keep myself busy. Be on the looking for a portfolio, photo gallery, or what ever in the near future

In the next few days there is so much I want to plan but I dont even think I can do. I just found out that Chipotle opened on route 22.. umm i guess thats our strip. Im craving Chipotle to the max. I have a movie date with some friends and i also planned one with my siblings. AAAAnd i told my siblings i wanted to take them out to eat. This wouldnt be such a dillema if I didnt spend all my money on their xmas gifts. neither would it be a problem if I had my car in working condition. But like everythng I leave here in NJ it rots by the time i get back. So I dont know. i dont want to seem like im flaking on people b/c ive done that quite a lot since i never have a car ready when im home. Anywho I have a dillema, its not very serious anymore but its a dillema none the less. I figured the best way to deal withit is to completely ignore the heck out of it and make it as it it never really exisited. Am i hurting myself in the end?YES, Do i care?NO…..

I first discovered Corrine on my trip to Europe… WoW never let her music go.When it seemed like she was done for sometime after a tragedy in her personal life i was more than sad but as a fan I definitely was hoping she would soon be alright and one day back to the music. OMG she is back. I feel you need to know her and her music to understand this single.. or Maybe that is just me. Any who she is just one of the artist that somehow writes form her heart and mine… I totally always relate. This song is beautiful. For the record..I’ll do it all again. :D


EXCITEMENT… Finally updated a template. Something totally new. It was not originally my template but As usual I made it my own. Added a lot of detail and my favorite eye design lol. I will soon need to add a portfolio. Cant wait. I also really need to get some traffic on this site. Well I have other work to do.
I spent a great deal of time sleeping today so as usual, I cannot sleep at night. I Am pretty positive that I have insomnia… Although I slept earlier, that usually is not that case. :-/

hmm toodles.

Joy to my heart the Semester’s done! I came back home yesterday. We [E-money & I] decided that Amtrak is the way to go now on. Mega bus is cheap but its also… too uncomfy. Got home around 9 and Mom picked us up asap. My baby Bro kept getting me to play endless games of Wii with him. It was great. The best part was my mom’s food!

Ok I have been making these sick promises of updating my blog. I really feel that i need to get on this very soon. NOTHING is stopping me now. I have finished school for this semester atleast and I have all of my tools. Macbook, bamboo…imagination.

Now i am trying to reboot my eepc.. not working out too well. Oh boy. Need to get myself together.

my last final.. i plan to take it on friday :D .. its online so its okay that I am at home

I bombed the semester :D

my last exam that i need to take on campus is on monday. Biology. I hated that class.. it caused me anxiety. Not so much the material but i couldnt quite pick up ughhhh…. but then i started to pick up and i lost it again. My grades are allover…
idk whats going tohappen. my lab is like a b- my gpa is FUCKED!!!!…
next semester has to be something. idkaay.

This is the most ive spent in my room in a long time. long story short im not meant to have a roomate. I just do things to differently to have a living companion. things were looking up with life for the msot part but now im just so annoyed but it cant be worse than this time last year. All i know is i have to pull myself together. ALL the way. grades gotta be on point from now on. I also think that i need to figure out whats going to happen w my summer.
I want to to take atleast chem 1 and chem 2 but im hearing about this program. my cousin told me about it b4… not sure if ill get in and not sure if i can handle it with chem 1 and chem 2

well i should go back and study… i kinda got half of the material down, two more days to study and yeep… bouta hopefully ace this exam. i pray it works out that way