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So the hype for howards homeocming is what is pissing me off. There was a lot of hype and a lot of excitement. But as usual for anyone to enjyoy anything you must have money. I guess I have soem money but that seems more like chicken change when you compare it with how much you need to even enjoy a night out!  I might as well have gone home to my church’s fundraiser. Im sooo heated.

home coming week is going pretty well.. nOT

i havent bought a single ticket. I dont think im even goign to the free football game tix i got. :/ i’ll probably sell them to an alumni. I wish i could update more but  i kinda just study my life way :/… it sucks. things or pretty solid now but im not too happpy. I wish for a few more things to be better but that’s life. UGH i need to get my life together. Anyways i got my photoshop back and yes ive started i just need to get more things to work on. I actually still have thee QD website on hold. I need to work on it asap!!!

brb   gotta study for a bio exam


Sooo My God brother pulled through and was able to get me Photoshop.  I hope this helps me really pull through with desiginig. I have the same skills from  2 years ago. No major improvement. I wish I can grow as a designer.  My camera is acting up too. I want to fully revamp this site soon too. Im sure I will have time I just need the will power and the resources.

-My camera! So i haven’t  used it for some time. I noticed a screw was missing but It didnt mess with he camera. So on sunday I pull it out to take pics and the flipping thing doesn’t flash. It doesn’t take pics and I am pissed!  I hate when things like this happen b/c i really do try to take care of my belongings. My other camera is with the dousche bag camera man who claims he doesn’t have it. i have his receipt I will call him out! stupid fool

- HOME! Im going home pretty Soon I cant wait. i always hate howard right now.  Not that I hate HU i judt really miss my family. A whole lot. A LOOOOOOOOOOT i misss em i miss em  I miss em!!! I have so much to do in so little time. I plan to do my hair go shopping visit soem freinds  pay a surpise visit to church etc.. umm yes. Long weekend.  I also wanna take my siblings out. I miss them so much and i feel liek they are growing so much  w/o me. A lot is goin on without me at home.  I feel a little bad. My baby sis stopped calling me to. I almost feel like they dont need me anymore :(

-School/. Hate it, well I hate bio.. everything else is okay. I need to get on it with math so i can stay on stop of my game. ASA is great. I love being an Omoge dancer and I foudn out the first meeting for the fashion show production is while I am out. so i am a bit upset about that. but I’ll get over it.

-Friends. People are popping in and out of my life. I dont mind really. I just feel liek I will stay myself. Im not changing I like who I am. If i change it will be to get way better. Not worse. So for those that re-entered welcome. for those that left, Good luck!

overall things are good. They could be better but that’s life


Just got the new rules about being a hostee here.  I already link to the host site as part of my footer now. I only need to update my layout. UGH only problem is muy ps is buggin out. I need one for mac. big problem for me. I hope someone does find it for me or BUY it for me. Im in some sort of predicament too.. blast form the past. very awkward. It was what i wanted but about a year and a month ago…. its sad that its been that long. ALl it took was one day for someone to completely mess up. It really did change me completrly. I almost have new values and Trust is a huge issue for me now.  ..  The biggest problem is really that I dont have photoshop. I have so much to do and so much more to learn. UGH!!! life.