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These past couple of days have been rough on me. I was studying day in and day out for my Biology and Precalculus exams. in between those two I had quizzes for English and bio lab. I was stressed Other ppl didnt seem to be stressed tho they deff had the right things to study. Pisses me off that i couldnt get to the material but I guess there is next time. I ended up w  a 74 on my bio exam and I dont know how well i did on precal b/c i blank out on a few steps on the problems. Umm… nothing else is really new. Other than I was not accepted for year book :(   I am also waiting for an email teling me if i made the final cus for Omoge Dance team. If i make it then i will be happy for the rest of the semester b/c going there is such a stress reliever, good music and dancing AHH love it. The other thing im waiting for is to find out if i will be an officer for the ASA fashionshow . Everything at HU is a big deal so I’d love to be a part of that too. Wish me luck :/ umm what bugs me out the most lately is that I dont have photoshop. I have it but not for MAC!!! why Ihate this. Oh well…


Alright so today was cool beans. I went to work.. then chilled in my room and then hit up Practice. Yes I made the first cut of Omoge dance team, final cuts are next week!!! ugh! I hope I really do  make it officialyy. SOme of the girls are fierce and i want to be a part of that team so badly. I also applied for yearbook.. editor in chief by senior year is my GOAL umm I handed in a nice lil resume w a portfolio. the problem is that My real portfolio is broken and its at home, So most of the stuff I can show case is kinda.. sittin in a box in nj.  I guess i need to start working on  things then like NOW! BTW i need photoshop cs4 NOW too lol.. anyone wanna donate?

Umm now w school everything seems to be a breeze. The only problem is w English. I feel like i will get a ‘B’  regardless int hat class HATE it. Then again Biology is pissing me off too,  pop quizes have me going crazy too ahhh such is life


.. study study study every page counts ugh!! brb

Its rather muggy outside yet again. When the weather is down so am I, but I’m doing better with the whole motivation for school thing. I finally got ALL of my books, the last of them all was the biology lab book. $126!!  what sucked was no one, has any used ones not the book store not upper classmen :-/ the thing is, i hate lab, its so lengthy and stuffy in the room I feel like I am confined there against my will, which is actually the case, in a odd way I guess. I dont know I lost where I was going with that.  This week is vert busy for me. So much to do on campus, I love it, there is also so much to explore around DC, that was a huge reason why I chose Howard it is somewhat in the Heart of DC, or at least some metro stops away from the heart of DC

For one reason or the other I cannot bring myself to work.  I have no urge to study, when I do start to study I sleep.. I actually forced myself to begin this blog. This seems rather awkward to me for the simple fact that I worked so hard to get to this point. I am stuck in middle. Between high school and medical school. It is very scary for me at this point I see so many avenues to fail and digress it is a very stressful time for me. Well I tried to find something to motivate me. Last night i was looking up something physical to push me and give me that extra drive to see that I am working towards medical school. These very cool Charm Bracelets I found will very well do the job, I aim to order them sometime soon. To fix my literal studying problem, i found some studying music. It was instumentals at first but some of the music was depressing, now I found classical music. I never found a use for them before but now.. I do. Especially with some help form my humantities teacher Laird back in HS. It also makes me remember how my hero, Ben Carson lOOOOVES classical music.  I know this is a problem for others too, getting into the college ’serious’ work mode but if this helps anyone one else well thats great. I pray this helps me.