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taking it down, freshman week and orientation was wild sooo the plan for this week is chill and get to know dc. and STUDY… stuff is getting a little wild but i’ll handle it


Everything is swell thus far, looks like this could be a great semester. 2 classes down, 2 more to go for the day,  bio and precal labs tomorrow :)


In the past couple of days that I have been home I have just continuously been able to point out my flaws. I see so much that i need to work on in my life and with myself as a person.  I looked back at all my relationship, friendships, relations etc. It seems that I push those that are good for me away but I seek what isnt good for me. God give me the strength to completely take away the bad in my life. I do it on occasion but why is it so tough for me to completely cut off the sole purpose that make me wonder and ponder,. day and night. Cry… think unnecessarily. Some things cant be helped.. like lack of funds.. lack of glamour, whatever. But the the things that can be helped i need to take control of that.

Reality of the situation… I live in in this optimistic world and its too optimistic and turns to magic so things like honesty, truth and love matter. And I look around with stars in my eyes and everything that shines might not be gold but, if you wish hard enough itll turn to it!!.. dont they have seedless grapes lol… uhh oh im supposed to get in touch w reality lol My bad… its like a recurring disease <3

I’ve noticed when I fall.. I fall hard. I ignore all the signs and I push myself into being hurt. If I dont want something in my life i n easliy drop it. But when I do want something i cling on and kinda force it upon me… well it doesnt always work that way. Im learning each and evrytime i get hurt.

Like i always have this undying hope. Its pathetic. Sweet if i was a disney charachter but I cant help it. Im story book girl w a God mother … The kick leg.. and the UNDYING LOVE… oh Lord help me’

I almost want to wish to be heartless just up until i get myself out of Med School

….. when the hell will UGH


I mother flipping love Kelis. I absolutely love artist who are not out there, with the expection of  Kanye West. Well Kelis is just so unique. I;ve been listining to bossy all day. I woudlove a collectionof allher music, I know i love her w nothing to show for it.

Today was busy. I was on Vid Confeerence with My other business Half.. the Chique to my KOKO the A to my VL. ANyway I was getting feed back on the previous QD flyer i was working on. Got a lot of updates done, chk out the differences



I also Did a neat letterhead and we worked on a sponsor letter. I love staying busy. I just have to hide it from my parents b/c they feel im wasting my time. SOrry i cannot leave what i love….

Plan for tomorrow is to go school shopping.. BUying Dresses and shoes in NY i pray. I really hope it all works out b/c i would hate to get there and be screwed. Seriously, a lot of things have been awksward lately i dont want my day to relax tobe one also. Well time to rest up..

– on my agenda..get plugs.. get readers.. get into alla dat and update!!

Everyone is plagued with their own bad habits.  You know the ones that only your family and best freinds can cope with if not appreciate. It’s the type of habit where others would just be irritated by unless they have known you for some time. Well My bad habit isnt so bad. My problem is that I am too nice. Well that’s what I’m told. Especially when I need to stand my ground. I really have tried to be more stern but I have continuously seen my self back out of situations that are rather detrimental in the end all because I wasnt mean enough. I always disregarded it because i felt my friends were over exaggerating.  I’m over that. At least I am trying to be over it. Even when I was at HCOP i felt some people may have used th best  of my Niceness. I guess It time to stop it. I’m assuming it will be shocking at first to those that know me but to those that I am to meet in the fall it will be who I am.  I’ve started with a couple of issues I’m having so hopefully I will see that it works for my benefit. I usually dont get so tough with people even later they have hurt me because I want to be cautious for the future but I guess screw it now I’d rather be happy and less irate in the present than to worry about the unknown. If people take it the wrong way there is nothing more I can do for them.

As for my preparations for  moving in next saturday, they are pretty much well set the only problem is. I have yet to get my hair done. I have not bought clothes/shoes and some bedding and laundry/cleaning stuff. Over all… if I were to drive to DC and move in Today, I’d be fine. And I officially have no ties to NJ. The people I would ultimately miss, I have complete access to them for they can visit me often and i have no problem visiting them. My fam.. and my church.. end of story.. then you say what about your friends. Well if you know me if you are the closest of friends I count you as a family member.

Today is the traditional wedding for one of my ‘brothers’. I really cant wait. I dont feel like i have anything to wear but I’ll figure it out. I’ll probably wear what  I had sewn from Nigeria. Tomorrow I’ll be going to meet my sis in NWK and we will to NY and go shopping YAY. Then the weding is Saturday.

What have I been working on lately?  I started working on QD’s next event’s flyer. I love it. I feel like I’ve really grown graphically. Its beautiful. I still wish I could get my BFA but with plans of Med school and the switch to Physicians Assistant.. I don’t think it will happen, unless by  God’s GRace I can do that along with some of my other core courses in the summer. *YAY* I’m receiving a book scholarship  on saturday  so itll be great im way excited. ok I’m finished for now.

Im about to go work on QD’s website and CLothin line… Look I see big things in my future KNOW DAT…

<3 MOlly


Im teared up right now. It all started because…. I couldn’t find my Iphone when I went to Sport Authority w my bro.  A few minutes later I find outside on the concrete face-down… it was cracked but still fully functional. I get home and my mom starts screaming at me as if I did it on purpose. Anyway.. I lied a few texts ago. I am pretty Overwhelmed.  I feel like I should be supported by a few more people in my life but its like no one sees it the same way. I don’t know anymore.

I am completely and apple/Mac head  Macbook/ipod/IPHONE id get otherstuff but i dont need em.. I am very thrilled, in fact i hope this helps me. Maybe it will trigger some type of motivation to do something in my few.. but lengthy and slow days at home. I have been very counterproductive. I do a lot of sleeping and a lot of nothing, its a bit depressing but It isnt so bad because i practically came from a bootcamp. I was in school from September of last year up until last thursday. Long School year eh? So this will be my summer vacation. I wish i could go somewhere on a tropical trip though. A friend of mine is going to the Islands, how I wish I were in his shoes. Never the less I must make do of what I have here. The problem is I DONT KNOW what i have here. Dont know what i want here. I think once ileave jersey in August There’s no turning back