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Not so much. Ive been wakin gup at like 2… going to bed around 3.  really wacked sleep pattern. Speaking of patterns I feel like I have a recurring situation in my life.  I honestly do too much. I try to learn time after time to do just enough but it never actually works out. This is where my little devious plan works out for me. Yes I am going to start a fresh. Coming back to nj makes me realize that…  Sending my enrollment fee to HU was the best thing I ever did. My plan to be in MD since 8th worked out well and sometimes I forgert why I wanted to move so far anyway.. Now I remember. Things in NJ are so played out. At least for me they are.

So many things have been running through my mind lately. Its kinda scary for me that I actually do hjae to think about them, because it actually counts now. My life depends on it. I just pray I get through it all. What Im scared most of is just.. poofing. So many people havent made it this far. Even though I know this, I keep screwing up. I really just want to find my way..

In my mind, i want to fulfill Epicureanism.. get over it and be focused

getting back into it

getting back into it

Omolara Victoria Animashaun Yeah Buddy! I am back from HCOP and I am about 35% more ready for College.  In these respects:  I can deal with  being single.  I have found who I am, enough to get by for now. I dont need the approval of anyone  now but myself and my God. I generally know where I want to go. So what is new?

Everything is. Right now I just want to complete my 1st semester schedule. This is what it looks like now. I want to add swimming

Freshman Seminar-Chemistry
General Biology Lab
Freshman Composition
Introduction to Sociology

WOOW.. Just got home from HCOP about some hours ago. I learned alot about college life. I met soo many cool people and a handful of psychos lol.  It was great.  Te trip back was horrible I had the worse allergies ever and i was just uncomfy….

Now im just trying to situate my life in NJ. Tryna find ways to pay for college and buy stuff for the fall. I know exactly what i will need now and i pretty much know my way around its cool.

I also need to throw out junk… purge my room and make sure i have everything ready to go. I need to go tmy hs and get my transcripts sent to Howard as well as the college credit ones form seton hall…. yah

everything is cool beans.  plans for my site:

I have to install adobe cs4… ftp… all the good stuff . I plan on creating for business and  for NaijaElitea p.r.

then we should launch QD’s website in a few… things are working

So the weekend was fun. I did a lot of chilling. I was w my sis and

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What I really hate about having this blog, well moreso having this blog and not having time for it…  is not having time for it. I always have so much to say and by the time I get to it, there is just a bunch of snippets of too much informatation. well quickie

1. GRADUATED!!!  bout time, graduatation was memorable but very horirble, it rained out and it was more like a riot than a commencement

2. Grad Party!!!  I had two and I had lots of fun, unfortunately someone stole my PHONE….    got a macbook pro for graduation!

3. LIFE AFTER GRADE—– COLLEGE! Yes i went to Howard the day after graduation. yes I loved it, a few crazy moments but its great. I like D.C. a whole freaking lot.


Yes I am so in love with Howard more metaphorically than literally. I mean I stay at slowe now and its not bad.. a few roaches and such …  some crack heads here and there and food that doesnt sit well  but its great. Pretty glad I did the program too… Shoot I learned a whole lot, a bit stressfull and crazy but so worth it. Well pray that i will return w another post sometime soon.