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yes i am at howard university now, life i damn good!!!

HCOP program, lots of studinglots of fun.. busy as heck.  will be back!

Today is the last full day in the last full week of school,  next week is exams, yay. lol well not so much. Any way today was alright. Got the cap and gown today, those fools didnt ive it to me at first because they are so unorganized, then after that they still owe me my graduation tickets.  later on in the day my german class threw a very lovely surprise party for frau!  I love her she’s practically my mom, it was a tear fest and emotional. we got her a personalized photo fram w all of us in the middle. 2 $100 gift cards to macy’s and lord and taylor. She very much deserved it.   Then I went to Eron’s house planned for next week, hopefully its fun. Im avoiding the drama and sadness. It s my last week in nj an di want to enjoy it. AHH! so excited i’ll be at howard soo soon. That summer program can only help me and i pray i gain th emost i can from it. Doin well undergrad and becoming a dr after is my life goal. seriously by God’s grace i will make it.  Well I came home today and my momm found my new peircing, it wasnt as crazy ass i thought  it would be, i hid it for 3 months and now its gone, idk if the hole  will cclose  cus she never wants me to put it back in.  Will be takin act’s tom morning, hope that goes well, then after i have to go shopping for my howard belongings. Wow its getting closer and closer.

So everyone always want to make their promnight beautiful and memorable but i absolutely thought that I would hate my prom night. I was completely wrong. My family, freinds and date made it the best night, i would not have even imagined it to be like it was. It was great. I made sure i took soo many pictures.  I started the album too. This month looks so promising.   I had a little head start to my prom weekend so ii actually couldnt make it to wildwood but its alright, a couple of freinds and I are planning on going to dorney park. Excited. School stuff it looking pretty good too. All the neccesities fo my early departure to HU is basically set. I’ll just havve to purchase clothes and beddng, etc.

will be back, wow i really need frequnt visitors :0


Hey yall, Prom is this week!

Im loving this kinda sorta,  thing are falling in poalce dress, shoes,  hair makeup etc.  Just  ordered a new cam again. gotta be right back i prromise,..