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Right now Im  officially positive that i will hate B4 prom, prom, after prom, and prom weekend, i can feel itin my veins.

STUPID PROM, stupid everything is pissing me the hell off,e left  stupid stupid stupid. i hate how people pisss me off then act like they dont know why i am pissed. Like seriously though, Prim example! My mom she barely gave me money for half the crap i paid for this year, senior year is too expensive. but then she had the nerve to ask me where my money is… umm idk.. maybe the 42 cents i have left amounts to what you gave me for the hell of it. and OTHER PEOPLE, knowing damn well what i am expecting from them, lets say a simple effing phone call  or a dagone text… so when  you text me out the blue why the hell should i be jolly wow this year is getting less hectic but damn! I cant take this, I’ll just continue to ignore it. Hopefully im taking that train stright to DC the day after grad. i cant waiit to be gone from all this uselessness…. that way no one will have the sick exsuse of not knowing why im pissed cus i’ll be too many miles and hours to allow u to piss me off!


things are dwindling own to my last days in highschool, i have so much to tell, the good and the bad, deff wll recap.. sometime this week b8t between track meets and college stuff and a bit of lazy less that has caught up to me i am busy! even tho that sounds backwards.. brb

Hello HELLO Hello, its 11 36 pm and the 2 things that are bothering me the most are, that i have not printed the Oprah kfc coupon, and that  I have a scholarship application due tomorrow. They both relate to the same thing though, I am broke, and I will  remain to stay so for some weeks . The last bit of money I had was used up to register for the SAT’s (again) and the ACT.  So if I were you Id be asking, you are already enrolledd in the school that you desire why did you waste your money to take a test… again. Well here is the answer IM BROKE.  to get the minmum scholarship at HU you will need 1170 composite of reading/math and 26-28 for  ACT. im aout 70 points off for the SAT’s chancess of pulling that out of my tush are slim but who knows i will be doing  butt load of practice tests. ALSO i never took the ACT and i heard that its easier in comparison to the SATs since its what we learn in school, something like our STATE standardized tests. Well whatever may be the case I’ll try, im broke, and i worked and stressed myself and my life out tryin to be academically prpared for college, 70 points will not screw me over! Or atleast i will not let it.  Another thing bothering me is MATH, still not doin so gravy… very afraid to take the math placement. If i screw up it can very well eff up everything in relation to my plans of graduating early since i plan on taking summer and winter sessions and ultimately screw up my plans of attending medical school. I hate how math from 1st /3rd/7th grade effed me up so bad in the 9th grade. they need to start giving jobs to teacchers that actually know math. Well then my other problem now it… still broke as heck, i mentioned that already didnt I? well since i bought the new asus, it was really from the money i was supposed to use for my braces that i cant afford and save money for, but i needed a new pc badly, foun out my tablet ws submerged in water WTF!!

Ok, P ep for it, my Asus laptop came in yesterday and I have had it with me all day. Its a bit annoying because the keyboard is scrunched up but I love it a,ll the same. Its mini  and white and beautiful and it has a 1.3 mg webcam too..<3 it!! So basically it all worked out like this, my tablet  had one too many accidents and died on me, i left it alone for a good 2-3 months because i was stressing way to much over college etc. Then the day I decide that I want to take it for repair I see this icky stuff  all over. I took it to my friend and we determined that its icing. NO ONE will fess up in the house but I know on e of my sibs did it. So i decide alright what the heck, this is he time to get my ASUS! so My friend orderd it on friday and I got it yesterday. So happy. I need to put mic. word on it though, that is its main use.  Hopefully,  I will still get the macbook for college. BUT it will be for desinign more so that docs and such, designing and media.. yah! Next on my agenda is to fix my camera…..

SO THE PAST TWO DAYS WAS COUNTIES… the boys won we didnt, came 4th, prolly coulda won but didnt, such is life. My shuttle hurdle relay team won 1st tho, so yah county champ.. I am baby!!

Now that I am actually in posession of a computer i want some traffic on this site, geeesh, i didnt care much before because it would have bored everyone to death but.. im good to go now!