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Well hello there once again. It seems as if my days of gloom may be over. I feel less upset about life and I think I am getting back on omy high horse.  I went to Penns, (Penn Relays on Thursday) It was a great expereince,it actuallyheped me decide if I will run in college or not. Another factor that helped me decide is the fact that i got a but load of loans from Howard. I’m nottryign to be in that boat. I’m sure i deserve a Scholarship and I will work hard to find one one, soem way somehow. Other stuff has been goin on in my life. I wish i had my own computer so i could blog much more often. Luckily I just ordered my Asus EEE pc! I wanted this for a long while. My mom is payign half and I am paying the other half. I also took my other laptop in for repair. We noticed that it is damaged by what seems to be vanilla frosting. I can only assume it was one of my siblings but i cant be too sure. School days are widning down andI am doing more thigns that are college ralted. I got my shots and im buying my dorm stuff little by little. I also am looking for another job. Something more meaningful to my life or atleast that pays much more. I love R.A. but the pay isnt cutting it. One pay check equals to whatever i have to pay for the following week. For example i have to pay for prom and other stuff.  Well I will be back. Cant wait to have my pc!! and if i cant use ps on it, ill start using the desktop, this whole thing of not using it is killing me. I also have to send a portfolio to the Arts dept of Howard, i am trying to be in thier BFA program.. yep yep, hoepfully the frosting didnt ruin all my stuff on the pc!

I got home from work  at around 10pm an di have just be sitting here. I am very very sleepy but i cant sleep. Its funny how we love stayign awake when we are little but once you hit he age of reality we need the sleep! Like now my siblings are drooling on top of the T.V. freaking 12:03 am but im here begging my body to just drop and sleep till 5pm tomorrow!

I’ve had a very rough week and the only thing i would like is money back in my account that bank of America illegally stole and is trying to keep, Shopping, SLEEEP, and a bubble bath. Trust me imnot sounding vain at all times are hard and if you dont belve it well i guess the recession hasnt hit you yet. This year is just crazy.

Anyway im listeing to my ipod,  i love my music selction. ahhh im tired. I really need my own pc but i cant until i get paid from thieveing bank of america.  And I need to pay off so much stuff. I feel like im middle age and in debt, not necessary! Im even goig through a mid life crisis… notgetting a motorcycle but i will do soemthing drastic and i dont quite care what anyone thinks.

I WANT MY EEEPC!! i need to deisgn on photoshop ASAP before i hurt someone. really.

So we won our first Dual meet today, against elizabeth.. It wasnt close. lol 80-somethign to 60-something lol. We were tupe disrespectful tho… calling those girsl men. Ad Hominem effect you know, just had to get md when they took a few points.  I placed in all my events.. 3rd in long jump.. did better than saturday but still nowhere near what i can do. I placed 3 again in 100 sprint lol but i really was confused by their track! i was stopping  like 3 meeters befor the finish line ! lol Then i placed 2nd in 100 hurdles- mind u they didnt have any hurdles so we swept that.  2nd in 200… naaasty time eww…  but i wasnt truning it up at all,and They put me in pole vault which made no sense since Elizabeth didnt evenhave it set up. lol i havent evenpolevaulted since county’s last year!!!

so the meet was fun then i dropped ppl off nd went out for a quick bit w my mini me. managed to jam my thumb in my car door but that is a side note. Today was mellow,  although it felt like I was getting quizzes left and right, Pre-calc hurt my heart yet again today.  Hopefully the dys will get better! Oh I have a court date tom!!! idk if i explained how i got a ticket last weekbut i’ll include it all when i explain my 1dt summons 80

OK well im getting waay more excited to go to college and ya to got to HOWARD it feels really good to finally know i am decided on where to go. Its great to have a roomie (know who it is atleast) and its great to know that i am pretty set for the next year. Some thngs are confusing me though like financial aid and if ill runn track and where im going to be housing. Its alright though because HS is almost over!

little stuff has been pissiing me off tho like ma dukes and  some other people but i really dont want to dwell on their negative air. Lately I’ve just been thinking about all the good stuff Ive been goign through int he past few months. Not to say the bad hasnt swallowed me a couple of times but i think its best to just be positive for now. Its making me feel a lot better too considering some ppl are actign pretty funny towards me. I dont really care, well I do i just rather dismiss it for the better thoughts.

back to the good stuff…. FB is makign this all the easier cus im getting to know a few ppl before i even step foot on the campus and its making me less lazy to do stuff. Im pretty glad i joined cus now im not so ditzy about the verfication process w howard. They are less explanatory when it comes to all that, cus other schoolemailed me and broke it all down right away, watevs.

Now my problem is hs. Track may have gotten a little better, the first meet was alright and i ran a 4×100 for the first time.  had a nasty stick pass but im still suprised i ran it. Other events werent so hot but its cool beans. im having a super gross dosage or senioritis.. i dont wanna do anything at all and i hope it dont eff me up in the end. My gpa looking nice and sexxi but i hope i dont screw it up by being lazy….

I just realized that this is IT. My blog has been a meaninless ramble of how horrible life is and how I am freaking out about college. Well I’ve picked the college, now what. I am sure there is more to complain about in life. I sure am scared. You know what i sparticularly funny, people that read my blog (very ver very few I’m assuming) must think that I am a ver unpleasant person. Truth be told, I’m actully very happy, thats the problem All the stuff I complain about on here usually just stays here. Once I logout Im back to happy ole jolly giggly me!  I wish i wasnt so aggravated inwardly though.

Now back to Howard I actually am happy to GO! Its my original first choice, back toooo when i was about a sophomore. Then i wanted to have high hopes and ish with JHU. eek. It will be the first time i am around African American people. this sounds off but i really have mostly been with nigerians or caucaisians or asians.  That’s the amjority of my friendship demographic. I want to make new freinds, i want to learn about  a new culture i have never been exposed to, i want to live life to the fullest!  I cant wait to be in D.C. either it ws always my vacation spot wheni was younger. My uncle would take us on the his own tours around the city :D . I want to explore every inch of it. What , makes it better ITS OBAMA CITY lol dont knwo the chances of ever seeing him but if i do i will shriek with joy. i want the glam lifestyle though the city lifestyle. atleast for a little bit.  See I’ve been in Union for way too long, since i have been 4 and i  love the suburbs but i need a splash of life and change!!!

Blogging is making me feel a tad bit better, So my freind from when I was very little is going to be my roommate. We have a long history together and Im very happy that she is my roomie! It will be awsome. We were talking about decorating

well I showed up  somewhere at the wrong time… I felt so embarressed Id go into detail but im just coming out of my shame. Well that led to this really weird break down. I dont know exaclty whats wrong but i think its this whole control thing. I had this dream, last night where my teeth fell out again and my cousin tld me it when you feel like you are in loss of control,  I def feel that. :SCREAM:  so now i am sitting here with a monster head ache, ad sinuses the snifles and a soar throat.  LIFE…..  So i finally decided i will go to HOWARD UNIVERSITY like yesterday i as 7/10 but now its official. They take all of my ap credit which is peachy! Also i need the new enivroment badly  this jersey stuff isnt cutting it anymore. I need to be out o fmy element and bubble life aint to great here. Its not bad but its not great.

I didnt get into Columbia, which makes 2 schools i got rejected from, which makes 12 schools i was accepted into. I got mylast acceptance today from University of maryland, They are a nono becuase they offered me spring admission which makes no sense to me, wth am I to do until next spring wtf!!! I should call to see if they’d accept me as a summer semester but watevs.

So i went to 7ll today to get nasal spray and tissue> yes im a dork with serious allergies and the lady that worked there was treatign me like a disease. I didnt have the effing flu lady! and I told her it was allergies but i still think she had a nasty attitude.

My head still hurts and I need a hug.

My friend can possibly get me a hookup on the eee pc. that makes me happy but rite aid is being a butthead about paYING ME…wtf!

well i thnk ill try and sleep now i still feel horrible.