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Things reallyhavent beenthe same since my laptop broke down. I have no idea wats wrogn with it and i dont think i have money to fix it.  So I’m just going to get a nother one, the EEE PC by Asus. If i get this its better than getting the computer fixed and having it break all over again.  So this week was bittersweet, I finally got my Acceptance letter from Howard but I got an email rejection letter from Hopkins. Very devasted, part o fme is in denial, but seriously such is life. I Also have a new niece she’s so beautiful!!! I really do feel like I’m having a tough time with everything. luckily i have people around em that let me see that it only seems like that. like the fact that i havent been paid in a month because my job screwed up direct deposit which led me to go into the negatives because i thought money was in there!!

I feel bad thoug that i havent been updating since i dont have a pc. I think I’;ll just start blogging from my phone. I wont get to update Graphics and all that like I would love to But it will do. That way I wont get kicked off from here.. which would only make me more  aggitated with life.

so here’s the real rundown with College stuff…

Scholarships: didnt get any scholarships. Gates, AIX nd i havent heard anything from anywhere else like walmart nd local scholarships

SCHOOLS: Thus far I got into everywhere… but hopkins.[>___<]  I’m waiting from a final decision from UNiversity of Maryland and from Columbia University. I really dont feel optimistic about them anymore, yes because I am being a sour puss about Hopkins, even bought a fishy to make me feel better. anyway my top options are now this:

Penn State… hopefully i can do their 6 year program after freshman year

Howard  University… hopefully i can still apply to their 6 year medical program … i doubt that tooo cus their sat’s requirement is way higher than what i have

Rider University… its close enuff  but far enuff from my house.

And i finally decided I wont RUN… i hate it, really It only makes me upset. BUt i would love to continue cheering really fits my personality. Only problem with that is i want to stunt. I should make howard’s team but i think penn state’s squad just dances, nd i never took dance :/