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The plan was, I would be blogging more.. that didnt quite happen.  AHH. I am having this constanst struggle with laziness.  I havent done anything useful. I have no “CATALYST” or DRIVE.  I have gotten some pretty good news as well as bad in the last couple of weeks so I am pretty apathetic towards somethings. For example my bedroom is a mess.  That is the typical but right now is bad. Really bad, i hope i can do away witht hat habit before i cause my future roomate to hate me in college. School is good.  That is just about it Good. I started building relationships with a lot of people and I think Its a good start for me.  In my ample time of being lazy. [my winter track season is over though i am working and show up at cheerleading at times] I think. I think about all of the things i want to do, The things i am passionate about. The things I feel I maybe in need of. *i think this blog might get me to clean my room idk why*

ok maybe not my mom just irked me.  I feel somehow right now. I need something i know what it is. I pray i get it.