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I will take my last exam on Monday. It will be a bittersweet expereince because it will be my last exam but hardest exam. I have been studying for it but I dont know what will happen as a result. All my other exams have been alright. I was exempt from 2 classes and i got a b on english and humanities. I got an A in German tho and should have been for digital arts.  My digital arts teacher has been grading me awkwardly i dont think he’s grading me on a fair basis. People have been giving him work that is no where compared to mine and for some reason they recieve higher grades. I’ll go over my grades with him as soon as possible, and if it seems like I am being screwed over, I will go to the supervisor.

In the begining of the semester, I was pretty focused, but once track came along, and he many college applications, and a heap of my other lame exscuses my grades dropped. I brought them back up this last quarter but not enough to save me. I dont think my gpa will go up to a  solid 3.5 because of this. Which would ahve been nice because i would have been inducted into honor soceity. What ever. I’ll be working hard next semester.

College stuff has been… OK.  I have been done with all of my applications for over a month but i think it is very awkward that many of them are still missing information from me. Courtesy of my guidance counselor. I have been filling out  scholarship applications and I also just finished the fafsa. Hopefully evrything works out well.

I havent heard from my big schools yet. wel my top schools. All of my safety schools have replied me and that gives me a huge rest of mind. :ahhhh:

I am still stressing though. I wonder if i will get in my dream school. I always think of both scnarios.. How i will cream frantically and call everyone up if i get a YESS or how Iwill cry my eyes out for the rest of eternity if I get the [R] EEK…

Regadless I still have hope……

Work is pretty good. I dont mind working. Some people there are just very ansty.  I dont like that but i try to work. I end up forgetting its work sometimes and get carried away  lol.

Track is a great season. Well in i have to look at in in many different perspectives. I am running my best times this season but for some reason i am not happy. My coaches seem like they dont see my progress but they only see the stars. Its discouraging but I try to forget it and still get my PR’s. My hurdlign is better but some times i still stutter step rather than 3 step. I hope i can get a coach to focus onthat with me in college. I still go to cheerlading ocasionally.  Its okay i guess.

With my personal personal life. I feeeel… a lone sorta kinda. Its so awkward because I am always with people. Theother thing that seems to keep popping up is my problem last yr w Herrn herz kaputt.. I feel like im still int hat type of situation.  Times I wish i didnt get attatched. My plans for colllege are to be single , focused,and flirty. Its just the truth, seems like a healthy life style… anything else?

Im thinking of doing an online degree for Graphic desiging. That could help be out u know.. start out in the summer perhaps. Well who knows!  I want to do a lot.  I want to deisgn for that’s for sure, id like to go out nad experience life, record it…. take photos make films, help people, travel the country.. fall in love again.. no…  have someone fall in love with me lol. i dont know things are so stagnant now.  I JUST WANT TO MAKE MOVES!!

k… i feel like i made up for lost blogs lol im back now for good.  I will blog once a week at the least. I MUST.


hey there, i want to write sooo much but there’s never any times.  I got hoem aorund 10:45 last night and my friend reminded me i had to finish a 7 pg report.  finishing it now at 5:34 am…..  exams are this morning, on of my most difficult ones. i was studing for it for soem time but i dont even think that will help.

I WILL WRITE LATER, there is so much going on in my life and head right about now that id really like to situate it on here.  Though i coud talk to people i dont really feel they’d udnerstand.  Or…. they unerstad they just dont understand things MY way. such is life.

pray for me!

exscuse the terrible terrible terrible use of typos… will cleanup. I NEED SLEEP!!

lol I KNOW  I am about 2 weeks late, but better late than never. Things have been going pretty smoothly for me so far. 2009 has no big let downs, just pretty nice rewards lol i guess things will get better gradually.  I noticed how negative i was last year, from begining to end. I dont want to do that this yar. i want to be positive so evything ive been doing has been great.  The track season is looking pretty good. I am doing well individually and he raly teams are doin big things. we got 2nd int h county relay meet last night and we have states next weekend. Im enjoying work and i like my coworkers. school is ok. nothing is really going on there but work and less work.  The fam is alright and so are the besties. boo… whole nother story but I’m sure thats all that goes with the good thigns to come in 2009.  Soooo thats about it for now. i should be blogging a bit more now that we are deff back to school and im done slacking duing vacation lol. until a later time :)