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i just got back from cheer competition practice. i couldnt do anythin tho cus im SIIIIICK!! it was way too cold at the last game. Anyway im here chillin now… well untll i go eat. start cooking for tomorrow… nd do some college stuff.

GOOD NEWS i finished all of my apps. im thinking about applying to 2 more but im rather superstitious so i dont wanna break an even number. :{ but its watevs. Umm now im just applying to as many scholarships i can. ppl give out mad money i never knew existed, .. 20,000 and 50,000 and full rides. that’s crazy. but i love it.

my college loves are coming home today and i am very happy for that. i am going over to their house asap… now i will go eat

Im back now. i still feel pretty horrible. wish someone was here to just make me soup nd make me feel better.. grr my rents arent home, i kno wim being a baby but so what.

so yeah… thxgiving great… not so much. My fam is so foreign that its no that big of a deal to us. like my parents usually work on this day and we dont really have a big dinner.. its a basically a regular day here. except for last year.

I know cooking thanksgiving dinner is very sentimental but it doesnt happen hear. so I took initiative to order the dinner, not just to eat but so my siblings can actually have the memory of THANKSGIVING DINNERS cus i think its important. Maybe i care too much and i just want to conform to American society badly. I see it in myself. but i dont see whats wrong w it.

So yeah did i mention I dont paticularly enjoy holidays, well i adore he idea of them but when they actually come around i hate it. Im no scrooge.. its just that negative energy seems to surround MY holidays which sux. Like i feel so awkward and sad. I dont know what else to do. than pray… but thats answered on it own time… photoshop maybe… i think so!

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:throws confetti: yes i am very delighted that Obama is President elect :sings BNTL Anthem: <—loooove that song

what am i doing now.. listening to my hon snore onthe phone hehe and tryna finish my college stuff and desiging a site for this business…ooh and doing a whole lotta worrying.

This last month took a turn for the worst but its okay because i used it in my personal statements lol it gave me more “umph” to write about.

so here is my update about college now…. im applying to all the scholarships i can b/c who knows what will happen w fincial aide, everythin else is screwing up i dont want to depend on anything

I also decided to up my number on schools to apply for. there are about 5 that i really would love to go to and those I did the legitimate application on, FINGERS CROSSED. i finished most of them… minus 2 cus the personal statements ar annoying. i am just scared to click submit on them eek im flipping out. i go over the apps oover and oover and ooover and oover again but i dont wanna screw up NOPE NOPE NOPE…

then there are like 7 schools that send me this vip/priority application thing. So here’s my logic… do i really want to go to those school, truthfully NO, but it wouldnt do me any harm if i did their two page application w the fee and essay waived. It saves me time and it saves me money and stress. PLus God forbid something goes wrong w my main schools i would have these to rely on.

Really i dont know what else to say, all that has been on my mind lately is stress stress stress, money money, money, and college college college. Its frustrating but many millions of ppl went thru wiht it so i might as well too. which reminds me… I have to go print out all of my supplementar forms…

that was a hassle for the past month cus i couldnt manage to get my printer to work.. then when i fixed it, my laptop goes dumb.. so now i have to manage. PRAY FOR ME, im not overly freaked out because i know God will make a way for me soon and Ill have only him to thank for it.

—–> tryna get my Photoshop/design swag back, ive been slacking heavy.

——> something new about me… im pretty organized with what ihave planned ahead school/ and college applications wise… room is a mess mind is a mess and purse is a mess but ill get it together one day…. when i get those acceptance letters then i will be rejoicing and back to normal.

–sorry for lack of organization on my blogs.. i write as i think lol sorry i think think to orderly

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