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Yes thats right i applied to 9 schools. Some ppl think its a bit much and others think not enuff.. its just right for me nd my circumstances. Im feeling strong about my college applications, I know my strength nd my weaknesses and im hoping my strength will overshadow my weak spots. I sent apps to Fordham, SetonHall and St Johns thus far… I should find out within the month if im accepted or not. I recieved my reccomendations and idk i just feel like i asked the right people (teachers) because they know me so well.

I have to now write a buttload of personal essays, letters, and i also am looking for a Job.. soo broke nd the way its looking my dad not even try pay for prom lol he said… what’s prom.

I still pln on updatinghere once i get my muse.. hehe until later

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Today was Union’s Bicentennial Celebration! we cheered in he parade it was cute, ic ouldnt realy take picx cus its hard to cheer and snap all at once.

Im a little better from my last post but nothing seem to got better. RIght now im back to my college applications nd i just got one of my reccomendation letters. So i think im pretty prepared. I just have to take subject tests on nov.. maybe a 3rd sat in december…. but now im just aplying to schools and scholarships GOD help me.

I had Photoshop cs3 for a good 2 days and it deleted from my pc.. imma have to redo cus i have lots of work i need to do on it,i actualy need the master suite.

umm Im goin to JHU againthis weekend, i was sure id go back,.. it didnt really feel great last time i went but there was no activ ity everyone had packed out nd went home.. imma be in the dorms and in classrooms this time, im excited nd im taking the train down ther eby myself looove it. will be backk gotta finish applying to schools

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See the one thing i am anticipating in my life is change. Change the better. Change for greater things to come. Change in new experiences and change in myself. I am happy to say that i am an obama volunteer/su[pporter why? he’s all about change? What’s he tryna change though? The shitty world we live in. but let me just make a transition to my life which has minor significange to Obama’s Presidential Campain.

CHANGE i love it… It will bring me a dorm, a whole new lie, new expriences, new friends, and new knowledge to my mind.

CHANGE… is fucking up my life..e xscuse th blatant english. How can soemthign so beuatiful and superb be… nasty and grotesque.

Where am i goin with this… I dont think i like change very much I assumed id be ready i am damn near wrong. But the thing is i had a feeling things would end up like this… I mean no one will belive me but its true, Now my friends are having the freaking the peloponesian war with me… nd i am th freekin Atheninans.. looksing like a mother effer… im losing a strong bond w my friends i lost half my dignitiy which i am sure to regain all because men are insecure and must make themselves feel better by being assholes and i have no effing idea how i will pay for college next year.

Life is ass and i am kissing it right now. WHY ME… i always ask.

I think its cute how everyone thinkgs everyhin is goin so well for me, well thats what you see, if you saw the real words written in the storybook of my life you would close the first damn chapter. Dont be fooled by the book cover, yes i am happy but not entirely, its all a facade, well now you know, ive been faking the happy since i could think on my own.

Now that i have a 4th of the crap that ive been holdin inside partially out.. i will try to return to my”NORMAL” lifestyle time to write a sythesis essay for ap english language nd comp…. not feeling the class too much either

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