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Good Morning, Im done apologizing for being gone eery now and then. Its just hard to sit and wrte now b/c m always doing soemthing. Ill try to tho. What have i been up to? ALOT

well for a recap, Im applying to schools and my biggest problem is dun dun duuuun… Personal statements. I have so much goin on in my head i cant get nothing written down. Maybe once i get all the clutter out… unto here i can finally start that.

Today is the Nigeria Independance day Parade n NY… planned on goin but my daddy had different plans. I dont see what the point is cus in less than a year from now… that whole system is out the window for me and chances are i mght not even be able to make the parade in the next 8.. yrs dependng on where i go for school….

umm m having a design block again, i dont feel lke i have any original ideas. Ive always been inpred by soemthng but everything that comes from inside my head doenst come out on photoshop the way i want it to.

Ill probably try agan today after all my applcation and personal statemnt business is over…

RECAP of mein lebe!!

1. Ich habe einer neue Freund!!! Er sind sehr charmant

2. Schule begannt und ich macht gut im mein klasse

3. Ich habe kein geld…. < dass macht alleses schwere fur mich.

4. Schule sind leicht

Soo i wrote all that auf deustch b/c thats how im comfy writing it.


5. Peprally was awesome I am adding pics…. NOW (edted in a few)

Umm so anyone know where i can get a kick to want to create semthng i feel so empty inside, real tlk

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Hello Hello Hello

I hve been gone for way too long and it is time for atleat wordpress update, i cant say too much becasue it its 3:00 am and i am doing my Ap govt nd politics an English Homework. Well what more cani say than my life has been like a dramatic movie fo the past few weeks. I will get into detail much later but as for now I am glad that i finally have some stbaility in my life. I had my first game that i cheered at on Saturday and I enjoyed it, Peprally is on Wednesday and i will add photos from then. I am excited and scared all at the same Time i am finally a senior!! been waitign for this since forever lol now its here college apps and all the senior privileges are here too im loving it.. now that i am officiall back i will make an update w. the wordpress byt he end of the week andi will begin hittin up other site.. i missed this among other things,

ttyl nd back to work

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