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My brother officiall has a wife!! ‘m so happy this weekend was just to great. a bit busy but great. except for the part when i lost my PC CHARGER gerrr..{ps. ‘this is the last time EVER i let anyone use my things’}

I met a ton of ppl that will become life long friends too. I’ll be updating the wedding site tonight an put up my pix… god knows when the professional ones will be ready so i will be ready.

here’s a pic of me!!

Ok bout to officically finish repacking… i’m leaving some time sooon… within the next 24 hours.. i will miss the states, pray for me, God bless…nd i hope i have internet connection lol

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Yeahh.. I have my own theme but i had a little help from a wordpress generator. I am stilll trying to learn wordpress though, i will do that on the plane. Anyhow to day was the wedding rehersal, twas fun i met some new ppl im sure i will meet a buttload of more ppl within the next two days. yeahh well i added some blends i did last night while i coudlnt sleep.. kanye rihanna and ryan leslie.. they are just for show . toodles tomorrow is the traditional wedding.. well now it must be today since its after 12.. i will put up my pics ASAP!!

{plz comment :) }

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I couldnt bring myslef to write publicly these past couple of days, ive been having another emotional broo-haha and i just had to let myself chill somehow, it didnt work. I am somewhat all packed for my vacation but i still havent packed for the wedding. I have the beveler and my hairdryer in the suitcase lol thats about it. I have been frusterated and i tried my luck with photoshop… over the days i was gaining progress with one particular “thin” i liked it thus far but i forot to save it, and it deleted when my pc restarted itself. I thought I would have a full update by friday but i was COMPLETELY wrong, i underestimated the time that i would be beyond busy. So i will try and do a minimal update….{still doubting that}

So i was on youtube listening to music, and i realized that I ylike Ryan LESLIE’s music, the man is truly a musical genius. I dont know why but i feel a ridiculous attraction to his music, its just beautiful. Im not trying to exaggerate but i think it is the way his melodies and instruments and such, flow with one another. He has the type of voice that makes ya just wanna melt, then that made me think about kanye and lloyd too. They just sound good, and the music is nice too. <3

Well i shall get myself situated,soon i hope. if i cant be back b4 i travel… toodles!!

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This weekend was enjoyable. I went to the Fireworks in a neighbooring town this year instead, i assumed it would be better and it was. Went with Zai, Ely, zain;s sibs and my sibs. It was very fun because we had no parents w. us lol I was actign like the parent w. all those dar kids. lol I took some Pictures. I’m trying to venture into photography i basically took pics of zain flowers and fireworks lol Im tryna make it into an art bare with me lol We got home and the crew had an intresting convo on Aim lol… on Saturday we went shoppin for nigeria. I got a few jeans and new sneakers.. i needed them badly. The sneakers are from Venus Willliams’ line Eleven I actualy really like it. (i have the sneakers on now lol im tryna break them b4 i wear them in nigeria)….. today i coulnt really go to church.. long story but yeah.. countdown to the wedding IM SO EXCITED I’m picking up my native today i hope the lay finished it she pushed it back like 3 weeks…

well I’ll put up my photos soon. ooh yeah I’m making a link exchange page, if you would like to join please go ahead and let me know. (courtesy of Jhoice’s request lol)


On WITH THE EXITEMENT… i will take on a task and it making me cheese really really hard, cant wait to show u when im done (hopefully by friday) YAYA… inspiration?….

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I promised a sincere greeting and here it is. I realy do wish you all enjoy our celebration of Independence (although actual day was the 2nd..didn’t burst your bubble did I?) I like this day alot, mainly because it reall is a magical day. Being under the Fireworks with somone you love, be It Moms Pops, SIblings Besties, or Boo.. you feel grateful for being in a DAMN good Country and You are living it up. Th 30 min fireworks sometimes put u in so much awe cus your looking to the sky and realiizzing that your options are limitless in the U.S. Plus so may awesome things happend on this day that one has to beilve that this is a day of good things….

— I had plans for today but SOMEONE”S EMPTY PROMISE has ruined some of that for me,. WORD OF ADVICE FOR EVRYONE.: If you know u are not 100% sure do not effin promise it b/c it is worse that lying.UGH!!

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Yes i was windex sprayed b/c i supposedly wasnt listening ITS SO STUPID DONT ASK that is why i am up at 1.30 am blogging this. Thank you all for commenting Id put pljug in this post but it is late and i am tired. SOO today/yday was interesting… i woke up rather late to zain’s text and a text from amissing link in the past.. i got to work an d chilled

I basically realized i am the “offical talker to of Kessler lol. I have the privelege of talkin to OLD ppl, they arent all necesseraly seniors but its ok.. i think they are l cute anyway. But thus far these ppl are nice to talk to nd it works out cus i like to talk. In btwn my ‘talks’ i was learning about utra sounds, stems, taping and a bnch of all this snazzy physical therapy Jazz. lool in my down time i colored and read. lol its a great atmosphere if i didnt want to be other things i would actually stay there forever.

at lunch i clocked out and came home just so i can argue/kid w. boo lol then i did something. dont remember much f wat but i did it, i remember a big cloud bubble of vaugness… then i went to my hair salon at 3………. I GOT BACK HOME AT 12:15 am lol its crazy huh. This is only cus i didnt make an appt and my stylist the greatest in the world I lovee herrrr slot me in after all her ppl. soo i got a new doo for the wedding nd naija. i made a cute lil friend,. his hair was beastly.. ill show a deffered pic later he was such a cutie and he was so eage to get his hair braided and he was rther tolerent.. when i have kids i want them to be like that cus i know I was not.. i would cry and if not sleep while doin my hair.

so yeah happy 4th of july im too tired pisssed nd cranky to be really excited now so i will come back later nd wish a sincere one…


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So here’s the mix, Yday morning i was whining to my daddy that really would like a new cam b4 we went back to Naija.. daddy sez HEELLL NO lol so im tryna look for a cheap cam so i can persuade him, I saw those cams that i posted yday and my Uncle and Aunt happned to see me while i was doing that. I guess they dont have Target in Canada cus he was askin me if they could mail stuff in. I said i guess so….well long story short, He and my aunt schemed to get me to Target and bought me a brand new camera!!!! I was soo elated i couldnt believe it. It’sa damn good one too, I could have gotten the red casio one i wanted but we decided to stick with kodak…prolly cus he liked it more but w/e. Its Blue more like a powder blue and it has so many functions that my Hp camera didnt. I heart it. I decided that i am not beat for breaking this one I will keep it like an egg.. no scratches no harm. I Used my old rocawear wristlet for its Carrier case, i put the dock the charger, and the w/e else belongs w it in there.

while blogging i remebered that i wanted to put up my senior pics, my scanner is acting funny sooo, i just decided to take a pic of my pics instead lol the cam has a document setting so i used that.. here are my senior pics. and these are my fave

Well yeah.. I guess its official I’m a senior… Joy i think I was comfortable enuff to talk to my uncle about whats been eating me up w. school and he gave me true words of wisdom. I think he just stole the spot of my favorite uncle.

Now.. was thinkin that maybe the darn appl got me feelin sick but maybe it wasnt that alone, i slept in the basement the other night, Now i have the sniffles and a cold and an headache, its so bad that i had to use acetaminophen <— some tylenol i guess. I hate pills and syrups i think they are just a cover up and fake. (so much for someone who wants to be a practicing doctor) but i wasnt feelin so hot so i finally took something for it, feelin a bit better.. i think its just a placebo effect tho.

Mama dukes is home and we are OFFICIALLY packing, Now what should i make sure i pack.. let me know im forgetful when it comes to essential things..

Oh yeah.. A shout out to all the sluts dumb hos and jump offs in New Jersey and A special One to Miss

^.. i will have a very specific private post for what that is all about. Hit me up on aim for the pw.

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The Canadian Fam and my sibs hit up IHOP.. oh that shit was rocking!!! my bro nd i ordered the big steakc omlette w. chocolate chip pancakes. I couldnt finish it so i gave it to my lil sis and bro.. My sis waas just chuckin everything down.. she’s forever eating.. I wont be surprised if she’s taller than me too… my brother already is. So i had to chill a min and just lay down because i threw down at Ihop…now i got the itis, my uncle was laffin at me cus i looked tired half way thru eating lol It was good though.

When I went to MD i at some weird sandwich cus it had turkey in it, and that’s the usual type of sandwhich i have, so half way thru.. my throat starts to itch and burn.. so i stop and look init.. friggin had an apple.. lol I ate it anyway even tho im allergic.. nd my throat clogged up a lil nd my tounge swells up, i told my daddy nd he got me a panini was dry nd i had to put alot of mayo on it. but long story short, that sandwich effed me up, my throat feels horrible and i think I shouldnt have eaten it….. I have my pictures from College visit Up and YES I visited JHU..ahh Maryland home away from home

I love it there. Its the one place i can just chill and do me and not get too homesick

Johns Hopkins

I looked type bad that day.. I sweated my hair out from the night b4, and i barely slept 2 hours b4 i woke up at 5 to get on the early 6 am train. Overall i did like the school They are FOCUSED i friggin love that well every school is but im being biased so deal w. it. Im only concerned with.. Diversity.. it may be too small /(close enuff to DC tho).. and I might not get in But hey who’s to judge but the admission officers (they were too funny) More PIX HERE..

about the Canada fam.. OMG they Rock. My Uncle and Aunt are just too cool. My lil cousins are cuties but they not feelin me too much. lol I ruin their fun alot just cus i dont want them to get hurt but w/e. My baby cousin.. YOYO <–we call him that and his older sister Oreo <– her nick name are too much. He never want to play w. me unless i bribe w. a lollipop or such but he is glued to my siblings and Zai lol no fair but its cool. I’m waiting for that chick to get off from work so we can chill.

I went Camera “online window” shopping, I actually want the casio but my popsy is telling me no, This is actually the 4th/5th camera Ive damaged.. (I didnt kill this one.. friends did) Idk i just have bad camera luck.


so i found a nice one thats under $100 and is RED my fave color… and its 7.2 MP.. its not as much as i would like but its 1.2 more mp than my dead cam. I actually would love to have the 10mp red/light green Casio exilim cam but who am i kidding itll prolly die in Nigeria plus its a bit outta my budget. (broke now cus i spent all of my money on a school ring..hella sexi ring tho. ill put the pix up later)…


Anyone know where i can find a ver very good and detailed tutorial for Vexels, ive been willing to learn since middle school… thats not happening. Im bot to go read some more of my book… maybe I’ll start a book review section of all the books ill be reading or have read. IM SUCH A BOOK NERD I LOVE IT!! if i was wealthy enuf I;d rent barnes and noble for a night and have a slumber party in it lol.. not even exxagerating i would haha

but for now im bot to hit up

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