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I couldnt sleep last night so i made more blends lol or attempts at them. I went personal website surfing and as picky as i am w. everything else i was picky w. that too. I basically was looking for soemthing that i couldnt find. I found a few sites of ppl that i can SORTA relate to but their graphic skills are just so friggin awsesome that I’m drawn to their sites. I also noticed i cant find that many 17 yr olds…. dont ask me why i am looking for 17 year olds.. its a similarity psychological proximity thing… Hit me up w that Psych 101 B…

So bestie 1 asks me… “dont you notice that certain ppl can always be wrong. I thought about it and realized that that was a bad question to ask me cus i hap to think im always right and U (anyone but me ) are always wrong. With Certain things i’m a narcissist, which leads to my stubborness and lack of ability to compromise. I always want things my way and i am rather determined to make it my way if it isnt already. So she goes on to say, how do bestie 1 and i stay intact lol cus she’s kind alike me, Well i just happen to listen to her, one of the few ppl i do listen to. But w.e I’m gettin mixed feelins about my self introspection <redundant I know but deal with it.

July 4th weekend is comin up, Bestie 1 nd 2 and wanted to go but seems like we cant due to rash reasons so what are we to do. I DONT KNOW but after this weekend is wedding weekend. yaaay. My bro is getting married i made his wedding website which i am hiighly proud of CLICK HERE TO SEE IT d That will be a very fun week.. then the a couple days after that i take a plane to Nigeria.

Im actuully afraid to go. Im goin to a place i havent been to in over 5 years, everyone automatically knows me but i wont know them. I just think i’ll have terrible culture shock, which makes no sense because i am actually quite in tuned with my Nigerian backround. I’m just afraid. lol last time i went it was ok but not GREAT.

Today..:church dozed a whole lost… almost fell while standin up too.. mainly cus i couldnt sleep last night, we took th kids to CEC it was was rocking, saw 2 friends of mine there, tried to hustle some tokens from them but it didnt work so well.

i had to cut a ice cream thing w. a friend cus mom stay w. the No’s but im hoping for later. Now im just thirsty and tlkin nonsence bot to go play w. my baby cousin lol he;s too cool for a 23 month old


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Words by Kanye.. poor baby, Idk the whole story but im on his side, anyways.. wit this nonsensical thing we all label as school I deff did give my all. Idk what my stance will be this time next year. I may be goin to the University of my dreams or NOT shit just keep not goin my way. The last couple of days of this semester were truthfully and honestly depressing. I literally cried, i felt overwelmed I still am but now i just feel like i do w/e comes my way.. The carpe diem thing isnt working for me anymore. Its like… i cant sieze the day no more cus it just seems to keep getting darker and darker. I visited a school today. I’ll put up pics tomorrow…and I’ll mention it later.

The whole experience was bitter sweet. its such a great school but i cant help but feel like a joke to even consider it. Im freakin out. so many ppl tried to make me feel better but i guess i’ll be like this until April when acception and REJECTION letters come around. I know lots of ppl tell me that i should look at all i’ve achieved {mz renaissance} but i cant help but lookatmy few downfalls… Im not the perfectionist but id like it once in a while.


Anyway.. Im still not goin to give up. Im doin what i can.. with the exception of the pessimistic outlook {this is new for me Im usually miss Optimistic.. Jelly beans, happiness, and sunflowers}

Oh and choices choices choices.. battle of the Id and the Ego lol… My ID IS OVERPOWERING my ego and i am scared it will end up bad. Who’s to know. Why is it that ppl who always take precaution are alwys screwed over but ppl who are reckless w. life never face consequeses. Im just tired of everythn. Since I’m upset I shall hit up the photoshop.. muahz

wanna make me feel betta.. hit me up

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It’s a little after 1:00 am, I just got home, I ate some Union BBQ yum -u gotta try it {ask me for their No.}- I just finished wrapping my hair lol It looks so bad now, i sweated out my perm but it was worth it. We deff enjoyed ourself.. the chosen one, ely Ugo nd Zai went. SHIT ROCKING AND HOT ASS HELL lol. After dancing i had to keep getting water…. I got rather dizzy and was dehydrated, i could tell cus my skin was gettin rubbery and weird but zain threw water on me and got me more water to drink… I love her!!<3 we got there a little on the early side and DJ Wallah was in der, played all the right music and no one was being grimey.. so a lil bit close to 11, they decide to have a booty bounce contest.. these girls weere Waalin like they look like they were having seizzure, its a gift lol. The girl who won that got $100 dolla Bill.. looked nice, we told Ugo to do it but u know she’s the cheif;s daughter lmao. so like 20 min b4 we leave Dj Wallah announce they will have a sexiest outfit contest.. I jumped my butt on the stage.. (did booty bounce that i never thought i had in me) And I won.. YYAAAy i got a new Mp3 player.. it made the fact that my day that was already weird better..RECAp…

Mom didnt let me go..aunt didnt show up till waaaay after i leeft for the party….and i get to zai’s house. These breezies tell me they broke my cam… highly upset but w.e it was an accidnt lol the wave hit ugo haha the big head dropped my shades in the street too laast week. wreckless ass Spartans lol but yah.. all in all today was pretty nice

bot to try and sleep so i dont miss my train… Muaahz

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I ask myself that question Alot. (This one in particular is about my wp them..thing) I downloaded a reeaaly pretty one, then i wanted to change it to mine and i did, but all of Lorelei’s coding is there… “that was a credit” didnt steal so i guess its not illegal.

So i found my muse, not the best one but it worked I came to realize i work best when i am upset. *thx mom and Dad you are my muse lol no seriously. We planned on goin to the beach b4 we went to Ugo’s party for her bday.. by the way HAPPY BDAY UGO lOVE YAH… i didnt call u yet cus i called yday haha how u like that?!?!

well my parents upset me so i resorted to photoshop.. mm my love. I came up w/ to blends, i guess what i could ever call my 1st ones cus im such a glossy style and shapes freak.. doing this was different for me but fun. I always admired styles like these. Well yah…. now im doing lil Sis’s hair. lol dont ask.

What hao yday… IT DIDNT FRIGGIN RAIN AND MY AUNT DIDNT COME!!! waaah? so a waste of not having the yard sale… im mad cus I.. yes Omolara Victoria had to put all that stuff back, and lately Ive been acting diva, dont plan on doing anything thats hard labor and i had to return all that junk unitil the “rain date

Anyways. <-fave overused word….anyone wanna muse me? Oh the one thin i need major tutoralization on except math YUCk… are vexels, anyone know anywhere i could holla at that?… I’ll be back I’ll prolly work out… and sweat out my aggressions cus i cant friggin go to the beach.. damNIT… So let me know what you think about my Thingy up der. Oh also.. tryouts were… cute, i did a not so hard cheer.. did a right herky forgot to show spirit but i think im good. lol atleast i didnt fall when i landed. Life’s alright….. BRB i have alot to nag and whine about today :)

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It is 6:39 in the morning and my eyes burn. I’m up because we are supposed to have a garage sale “yaaaay gettin money for gettin rid of junk” BUT we cant. mainly b/c my aunt from Canada is coming today, we didnt think she’d be here untill Saturday. I’m excited to see her, 1. She sounds mad cool 2. I need to thank her for my bday Gap gift card, that ish was rocking.. <3 that store. 3. She’s bringing her BABIES <aka my lil cousins>

Then.. it might rain, yeah i should have checked b4 hand but we got the permit at the spur of the moment, call it…being bold lool. Anyway We will cancel it but on the bright side I begin volunteering at 2 places today, Kessler Instutute and Minute man Press.

One is a rehabilitation center and the other is a printing and graphics center, Ahh im excited my two loves and passions all in one day. GAWJUSS. I dont know what to expect but the ppl who I’ll be working with are nice Thus Far. I should be home by two and then I’ll be at Zai (bestie 1 of 3)’s house and then I’ll be goin somewhere to practice for chearleading…for… cheer leading practice {makes sense?} lol. We have an in squad tryout where it determines if the girls are varsity or JV.. its looking like I’ll be JV but i wont knock my chances lol. Just gotta practice a bit more.

Until then… i might sleep some more, print my Resume (CV) surf D web, bother my little sis and popsy eat braided twist pretzels, work out {yaaah extension cord} and do w/e my will is willing………….


1. Got the new Doo…. fresh perm and a doobie.. my hair is out and it feels so good, its been a min. Plus i had this gross fro lol

2.Cheerleading Hurts arms BRITE SIDE I’ll have stronger arms for when gymnastics season, and track come around

3.Ugo and Zai are nut heads (Ppah!)

4.que? im done

This week was weird. but all i remember now is…. yesterday. It came to me that i have damn good friends … including boo and siblings. But for some reason some of my friends have asswholish friends. It doesnt phase me that they do b/c ive had some in tha past and i know how asswholish friends doo :cringe: I dont have tolerance for ppl mistreating my ppl, no one does but there’s a limit. have you ever had that gut feeling that something isnt right about someone? lol I always have that feeling (Besties 123 say im just paranoid i didnt evn like them b4 haha) but I usually end up right. I SAW RIGHT THRU YA.. STANK SELF..(referring to an asswholish fried of my friend) I try to give ppl chances then they prove me right lik What the FLy??

Does anyone notice how my trains of thoughts ar uber crashing today? well its because everytime i wanted to post… id be interrupted and have to cancel sooo… all of the stuff from this week is coming out.

Ohyeah.. went to the library b4 we got the permit for the Yard sale… borrowed this book.. yuck i know i havent borrowed a book since 9th grade( barnes and Nobles my luv) …. borrowed this book called pledge or soemthing, so far its damn good. Its about a journalist goin undercover at sororities. That’s some good ish. It gets better b/c ITS ALL REAL the Universities and people just have psuedo names just to keep confidentiality. I lost it already, prolly in my car. Well i’ll go look for it… print my resume and maybe do some more summer work.. wait till i tell you the line up on that.. 09 SENIOR….WHAT”S GOOD… ahh oh yeah my senior pics proofs came in, tryna scan them up IM EFFIN GAWJUSS lol nah im kidding.. I look aaigh


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Hello and the rest of the world, I am Lara :) and I am very happy to say i am back to the net. It’s rather exciting for me because i took a year long break from it. Now that my dreadful Junior Year in Highschool is over I can now “do me”. So here’s the real intro

My name is Omolara-Victoria I am 17 years old I answer to lara or vicky. I love webdesign graphics ladidah w/e you call it. I am a self proclaimed and gpa proclaimed ~NIGERIAN~nerd. I’m many things so i belive i pretty much a renaissance girl, hence the name. lol Exscuse the wp theme, i am still waiting for a muse so that i can create a layout.

…..warning I blog as i think and that is not too clear so i may have one train of thought crash into another.

Right now i am enjoying my summer break lol writing a 5 pg paper how awesome. I guess that is enough for a minor intro I will be back as soon as i feel that i want to write more. This is more of a therapy and not a commercial or “w/e else you may think this may be” type of thing. I love to blog and design to bring peace to my mind and that’s about it…. now back to the paper on Antiimmigration laws.

..LOOK AT MEH Omolara!

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