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I need to get a new DSLR asap, ive been saying this but every-time I save, I spend on something else. But If I don’t get that camera by Christmas I will scream.. Ok maybe my birthday because I always get my bday/xmas gifts merged anyway. (writing a note/reminder for my daddy) So i feel silly for mocking the hurricane last night. I had to turn into Mrs. Fix it because my basement flooded and all seaside decided to flow into my home. Honestly I don’t know how I find my self in situations like these but I am always prepared. Following my daddy around when I was little really paid off… I can fix anything if I really had too lol I was so glad I haven’t bothered to get a manicure because that would have been a complete waste last night. On the bright side my cute rain-boots totally came in handy :)

Although you meet individuals almost everyday its not so easy to make lasting friendships and bonds with them. I absolutely hate this because there are so many genuine people out there that are worth getting to know but because of so many rules and what not its hard to do that. People naturally guard themselves from others under the impression that they will get hurt, duped, disrespected etc. Its too bad because it pulls society down in the sense that you don’t really know who is around you.

I’ve always had this fascination with people and knowing their story, backgrounds, past and why they are who they have become. I love getting to understand a person’s situations both big and small. I really dont appreciate how people find it so hard to share with others. Of course its understandable because you cant really trust too many people these days and I even have the toughest time sharing how I feel and who I am with people I am close to.

This post isnt all too random, I’ve been following a blog for quite some time and it is owned by someone that attended my school. This person is so brilliant and I am not even exaggerating its just cool that I can get to know them through the little they post on their blog. And I think there are so relatable and wonderful people out there but no one takes a chance to get to know them for whatever reason. Just taking the time to learn about someone can seriously benefit you, not sure how but it does. Adding someone else’s human experience gives you insight that you would have never thought to apply to your own life.

When I was little I wanted to be a reporter not to really tell others about news or w/e but just so I could sit down and interview people for days, I dont think its the busy body in me but just the pure fascination with other folks. For some odd reason I actually care . :) I’ll figure it out..

** If the person I was talking about reads this : YOU ARE SOOOO AWESOME! If you ever decide to write a book or publish any thing I will be the first person all over it!


I never took Friday the 13th superstitions to be real, its silly to me, A day cannot be dedicated to bad luck and misfortunes. Yesterday was the exception for me, I know it had nothing to do with the actual date but Friday the 13th is not the day you want to hear bad news. Well I had been working on a project all year now, since the beginning of last summer. I put my Physical emotional and spiritual strength into making sure everything worked out well, I stressed, lost sleep , didn’t eat, cried prayed and stressed much more. I really thought it was going to work out the exact way I wanted but I guess that was silly of me.
Cliché moment, -Failing to plan is planning to fail…. but to me planning too much is just setting yourself up for failure.

Yeaaah….. I was super devastated when I realized my project didn’t end up the way I wanted but I surprised myself. I didn’t cry, nor did I whine… I just slept it off. I’m maturing I guess… last time something like this happened I bawled like a baby so its interesting to see I handled it like this, yay me.

I’ll have other opportunities to excel in life and Everything will work out for the good because Jesus said so… mhmm no stressing just blessings =)

I’ve been promising so many people that I would visit them more often and this weekend I finally started my spring semester tour.  First Location was University of Pennsylvania In West PHILIDELPHIA   to spend time w my Cousin BFFFFFFF Derin! I absolutely loved the campus ,  I couldn’t really tell when I was on the campus at first because its like a college town feel that I can only compare to RU NB.  It was really beautiful and made it feel so GOOD.  The feeling might have come from the great spring weather that day I arrived but who’s to say.  Derin’s friends were a delight to meet as well they were mainly all smiles and very energetic which I wasnt surprised b/c She is the same way.  The main reason I made sure to be there this past weekend is because  She was the Assistant Director for  4A production of Loraine Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun.  Being that It is a favorite of mine (one of the first times I encountered a Nigerian character & culture in western  literature)  I really enjoyed it.   I got to meet a lot of the members of the cast and they were are really great too. Overall I  really had fun and I intend on going back very soon.


I’ve been out of high school for almost 3 years now  and it doesn’t feel like it has been that long.  What I remember about it is that I tried to achieve and  be perfect at every and anything I could.  My grades, clubs, social life and athleticism.    I guess I did well during my years in highschools but not well enough.   I’m really trying to give my all to make sure my siblings dont leave high school or college feeling that way. For what ever reason my first  experience with this isnt working so well.  My brother is really doing well for his first year in high school but I feel like he resents me for it. He rather not be a top athlete and scholar but instead waste his saturdays and weekend at the mall and the movies.  I dont want to deal… He’ll figure it out later that everything that I push him to do is for a greater purpose.

In the Past Week I met w two Prominent officials of the Top organizations working to advocate maternal health & prevent Maternal mortality.  I dont know how I got this far with being involved with both orgs but I’m enjoying my progress to provide minimal healthcare to women that are lacking. Last week i met witht he student advocate director for the UNFPA  (United Nations Population fund) and just yesterday I had a one on one meeting with Senior Project officer of the White Ribbon Alliance (both of which their offices are conveniently located in DC.   I didnt know college students werent very enthused to be apart of such a mission to promote maternal health so I was surpised at their surprise at how passionate I am about this cause.  I’m currently trying to get more involved with both orgs and it wont be a problem becuase they are close partners in a number of things.  I’ve been assigned to  some small projects for now but I can only imagine the day where I can administer health care myself  or even sit side by side Christy turlington whilst telling other individuals why it is so important to  provide a secure form of maternal health.

This should be an interesting  journey for me…

My DSLR and I had some great times last summer but once I started to work  I totally forgot about him. I dont even think I named it.. I name all of my tech-toys and as weird as it is… I will keep doing that lol.  I haven’t had free time but I’ve had enough time to enjoy my hobbies.   I was inspired to take some photos but I broke my SD cards while hey were write protected.  It was devastating but I found a trick to fix that for a little while and I was able to bring them to life for a little while.  Unfortunately that wasn’t too much help because  the  cards  were not able to be recognized on my Mac. I ordered some more SD cards and they came in this week, I intend to  take  warm up photos on  my trip to a new part of DC I’m visiting tomorrow morning.   I really just hope I wake up on time, Im trying this new thing called being on time.  I have a terrible problem with that.. I dont value time very much and  all of my friends  are punctual so it always puts me in a predicament.     I’m a hippie at heart when it comes to time “LET IT RIIIIIIIDE”  I really could care less I always cut things close but I’m trying to work on that just to make sure my friends dont go crazy anymore lol.  Im not doing a very good job with that being that I need to leave my apartment at 9am to make sure I dont show up late to where I am going but Im hoping my alarms save the day… until tomorrow


I havent had a fresh from my mind blog in a while, tonight feels like a great time to change that. I think I may have fell asleep on my living room couch earlier today so It explains why I am awake right now. Lately I’ve been Asleep… reading… or occupied doing homework or something much more important.  Yesterday was completely different, My apartment that I believe I pay good money for LOST power… that is bad, but it got worse because that happened in the midst of snow storm. Luckily nothing crazy happened but I did see a couple of people get themselves in trouble in the building.   One person got caught in his foolish love triangle lol and tried to include my roommate and myself in his lies,  another group of people set up a stripper pole a few floors down, and one of our friends’ roommate was shot w  taser because he was supposedly high off of PCP.    College is the home of everything you have been sheltered from all your life… its quite ridiculous.

Today was not as eventful but it gave me enough time to think.

Goooooooooooood Music <3

I love contemporary Gospel music** !!!

** I’ll stop posting on her as if it’s a tumblr prettu soon, Im just very ‘busy’ at home”