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This will be an incoherent set of ramblings that I have meant to blog onhere that I have not had time to.. EVIL SEMESTER…

I discovered my love for house/techno music…. then I started hearing afro-house i think… I LOVE IT!!
Then there is this girl’s song I cant get off of my mind ” Listen here Bobo what I say I no do I no do!” sigh.. If I could be a dj (my fake name DJ serendipity) I’d totally play this type of music and look fab and cute like Solange (NO FRO)

Ara (HouZeBoys Remix) – Brymo by HouZeBoys <<<<---- yeeees

Semester is almost Over and Thanksgiving break is approaching, I'm going to LONDON!!!! One thing I truly Regret about my last trip to Europe is that I DID NOT BLOG.. or maybe i did and did not use the website anymore. but what i will do for sure on this trip is blog and take ooooodles of photos, no idea when I will be able to take another trip to EUROPA!

Another things!!! My birthday is coming up and I cannot wait. The big two-ONE!
What's funny Is i've had this blog since I was about 17 lol I feel like blushing. Maybe When I'm 21 I might actually go back and correct all of these run on sentences and typos. BUt as usual I am super excited about my birthday... as you can see I am more excited for my bday than the holidays, terrible I know.

Welp i'm already planning my day and my year, by God's grace it will be well and awesome and fabulous!!

but just to recap on my year... 2011, it was interesting and I got a lot done IE

then there are other hobbies I found and new people I met. But right now the excitement likes in EUROPE!! I shall blog as much as I can, MY DSLR is charged and ready to go but i seriously need to pack, oy veh!


I have so much to say and no one to tell it to. I know I will have something interesting to include here one of these days nut I am not in any particular mood of sharing. I’m mainly observing… And thinking and annoyed. What I have to say I don’t want to tell. Hopefully it won’t get to the point where I want to close this. I’m too attached I’ve had so much on here for so long. To end here would be a waste, especially when I am starting this huge new chapter in my life.


Being busy has been the best thing that’s happened to be all semester. It’s been a while since I have been this occupied. less Time to think and more time to actualize my potential!! lol too much? Well I’ve been really enjoying this semester Not sure why exactly but its great, Challenging but I love it Maybe because everything fell into place around me too.

unimportant note, I really love getting to meet people because I am always wrong w my initial impression. I’m ok w that bc its nice to know people are usually what I make them up to be. Usually I sum up the worse just because its easier that way. When people show you how interesting awesome and wonderful they are its nice to know there are cool people like that around.

Not sure when I’ll be back…. intense stuff. But I’ve accomplished a lot since may. * Air 5!!… more to do by next May Abi?


I opened another blog earlier this week, the diff this time is that this one is a photo blog. Im sitting here done w classes and I don’t necessarily have work to do. What Shall I do take pics. I’ll add them over here if they are pretty.. if they aren’t.. welp I tried.

Glossy Print Photos, colorful Designs, gritty Textured Paintings, lovey dovie music with jolly instrumentals, sultry voices and stuff that Smells good but not too strong but because they cause my allergies to act up. Things like these actually make me happy enough to jump around the house cheesing and screaming for days… I’d say im an 8 year old living in a grown womans body… sigh.

THIS!!! Funny Story, Ive been thinking of trying to perfect making vexels since I was about 13. I tried a few times but never actually practiced. The difference with then and now is that I have all of the necessary tools to create something as fab as this but you know what stops me? being a scaredy bug (dont like cats) This was created with ADOBE CS3 and Wacom tablet ( I have a bamboo wacom tablet and Adobe CS5) One of these days duriing the semester when I start to stress hard enough and I need a break I am sooo going to work on this.


Woops, I slipped up in a moment of frustration and Aired out my baby sis on here. I love her so much but sometimes that little girl just know exactly how to make me fume, As do all of my siblings.
Funny enough something else is bothering me , I’m supposed to be in a state of worry, panic and confusion but Id rather just smile and deal with it. It will get better… eventually, I mean Life cant always suck.

Now off to save the world!



I must paint myself to be very self-interested being that I dont reflect on anything other than my personal issues. I don’t mean for this to be an apology because it isn’t, Id just like to address the fact that the blog is meant for me to express what I cant on a regular day. At times I feel the need to share something Im passionate about ,people in my life find them to be mediocre. In other situations I jut rather not share anything with others but feel more comfortable blurting it here. Well on to more sharing…

Earlier this summer I didnt know what to expect of myself, seemed like everything was cloudy and unsure, and until about mid June it actually was. Somehow all of my decisions were made for me and life became a little bit less confusing and frustrating. Now the problem is actually dealing with all of these new situations coming my way and gutting the fear that come along with it. Im leaving fear behind this time so hopefully everything I do from now on will be less stressful… .

My first real love might have actually been my second love but now that Im l talking to someone new I feel like I might have never even been in love before.

So I mentioned how bored I am with my kindle its so bad I dont even know where I packed it when I moved out of my apartment. However someone has sparked my interest in it again and it makes me want to find a new favorite author. Last summer I think I read quite a number of books but now Ive just been in a whole different zone. I want to read again! seriously sit and enjoy a few good books… that gives me some type of peace that I cant explain. I downloaded a couple of e-books I guess I should load them to my kindle. Any suggestions would be nice for books to read, k thx!

Occasionally I go back and look at my old posts just see what I might have been dealing w in the past. I’ve had this blog for 3 years now and its a nice way to jog my memory. However I have had many blogs before this one i have even made a few others after. So I decide to search for one of my oldest blogs on google. I found 3 and I was instantly cracking up, try to imagine what it is like to come across the 10 year old version of yourself. I dont even know where I thought of the things I came up with half the time. It was nice to see that but I would never want anyone to find them… a very good way to embarrass me. I know that once I’m older I’ll get a chance to look back on my most recent blogs and laugh too.

Mom says I talk too much. Woe is me she is right. might stop blogging for a while. At least publishing stuff get this life of mine together then come back and totally be like surprise I’m back.

*posts Hiatus sign*