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I haven’t given up on working against maternal and infant mortality i just had to get my own life together. The passion is definitely there just not the time, i’m hoping this semester will bring a lot of opportunities to work to better the condition that women endure while in labor as well as during their pregnancies.

– This hurricane business just gave me more umpf to hit the kitchen, once i woke up I made about 3 meals at once. Im pretty proud of myself considering I’ve been avoiding the kitchen all week. Everything is delish! I just hope the power really doesn’t go out bc Ill be highly upset.

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I didnt get to celebrate it exactly the way I want because…  Midterms practically took over my life, but  I  hope to take part in the festivities next year.   I’m really just focused on school and a mini project that I am working on but I cant reveal for some time.   I’ve been stressing a lot and what have I done to fix it… when I stop breathe and paint my nails. O.P.I. fan for life!! I have oodles of  request to work on designs but all during this week… I cant do them its too much and I am a perfectionist once I start designing and I cant divide my time between studying and other things.  Well the plan is to do really well this week and just relax all next week.  hmmm… wish me luck

In the Past Week I met w two Prominent officials of the Top organizations working to advocate maternal health & prevent Maternal mortality.  I dont know how I got this far with being involved with both orgs but I’m enjoying my progress to provide minimal healthcare to women that are lacking. Last week i met witht he student advocate director for the UNFPA  (United Nations Population fund) and just yesterday I had a one on one meeting with Senior Project officer of the White Ribbon Alliance (both of which their offices are conveniently located in DC.   I didnt know college students werent very enthused to be apart of such a mission to promote maternal health so I was surpised at their surprise at how passionate I am about this cause.  I’m currently trying to get more involved with both orgs and it wont be a problem becuase they are close partners in a number of things.  I’ve been assigned to  some small projects for now but I can only imagine the day where I can administer health care myself  or even sit side by side Christy turlington whilst telling other individuals why it is so important to  provide a secure form of maternal health.

This should be an interesting  journey for me…

More than five months after one of the worst floods in history, millions of people in Pakistan remain displaced and living without basic necessities. The floods swept away homes, roads and bridges, crops and livestock, livelihoods and lives. Women and children are particularly vulnerable. A new 11-minute documentary, ‘…Giving Life a Chance’ sheds light on the urgent needs of displaced Pakistani women, and how UNFPA and its humanitarian partners are helping to address their needs.

No baby should be born into discomfort, Neither should any mother have to worry about her child’s safe delivery.  It’s also quite unpleasant that so many women and families have to sacrifice one life for another.  Because of lax  attitudes and ridiculous tradition , women, mainly impoverished have to deal with crap each time they have been blessed with a bundle of joy. What should be the happiest moment of their life then turns into a night mare.  In previous posts  i explained that my biggest reasons for caring about these situations stem from personal loss and struggles with infant and maternal mortality.  While talking with my daddy he was telling me that two huge problems are poverty and disparity.  I pray that none of my readers ever experience poverty it is something too painful to understand.  I’ve witnessed it first hand and when you see others living a life of struggle especially in a country that is not fully  capable to take  responsibility to help all of its inhabitants its disturbing.  Disparity is essentially gaps and inequalities in health care due to the  “gaps and inequalities” in finances.  I think that is right.  Problem stated, now what do we do with it?

I feel like there is a lot to be done, Of course  organizations will always want money but there are not enough trained individuals out there that can really help women and children in need.  It is bad enough on a regular day where the worst case scenario is dash of poverty and a teaspoon of disparity , but when you add a natual disaster to it, like the flood in Pakistan or the earthquake in Haiti  then “the shit hits the fan”.  These people cannot do anything with legislation, neither can they swaddle or nourish a newborn with Dollars, Pounds,and Euro. Training compassionate people that want to give the hopeless at chance at life makes a world of a difference.  Of course  they would have to learn on their own and continue once they have been shown how to take care of themselve but it has got to be done at some point.

I have issues with tradition…  I’ll touch on that later.

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This picture just made me super excited.  I am going to love my Career.

I went to visit some people today and it was such a breath of fresh air.  I hadn’t seen a few of them in months, Years. It felt so great to see them again.  It really put me back into perspective Of what i have always wanted out of life. Who I am and how I interact with people.   Home is really where the heart is. <3

** This break is going to be phenomenal


My favorite color
Color of my car
Color of my Prom Dress
Color of my Junior Prom dress
Color of my Sweet Sixteen theme
The my current nail Polish Regal Red
HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon Color

When I opened my own bank account behind my parents back BOA said I could choose any fancy design to have on my Debit Card and later my Credit card. I think the woman told me that a donation would be sent to whatever design i picked. Everyone I know Females more specifically have the Hello kitty design. I on the other hand have these cute scribbled red flowers of all different shapes on my card. It is for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids fund. Since World Aids Day is coming up soon (December 1st) I thought I should do something more than Swiping. Currently planning an event on campus in which Students will learn more about aids but more so find out ways to prevent it. Also it will be the first time we will promote CARE on campus, Im reaally excited!!! I wont disclose the specifics and details but I will be sure to take pictures and upload them here =)

I haven’t done much yet but I am slowly turning into someone I never thought I would be, It came by storm and I hope it doesn’t die down. Wish me luck and I hope you all can do your own for World Aids day.

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If I had the choice to dedicate my life to one cause It would be to advocate against maternal mortality. If I said that I was born to do it, It would sound crazy but in all actuality I am born to fight against this killer of women of the global community. I already am taking a very ambiguous step towards this life ambition by majoring as a pre-med students who will eventually become an OBGYN, surving women of all backgrounds but most especially those who lack the funds and ability to obtain proper prenatal and post natal care.
The story begins about 46 years ago. My mother was born to a young couple, Father a school teacher and church organist, mother Seamstress. Beautiful woman, i know this because I look like her. =) Well soon after my mother was born, My grandmother soon put to bed not long after, unfortunately they lost the child “who would have been my aunty” and My Grandmother passed away as well. I never learned of this story Until My great grandmother passed away when I was 7. I was devastated but everyone else was not as ‘freaked out’ as I was. I always though she was my mother’s birth parent but come to find out she only raised her. Then I found out the truth about Gbemisola ( Joy) who died because of Maternal Mortality.
Lots of other situations helped me realize how common Maternal Mortality is but this is the biggest reason why I care about it so much. It has shaped every part of my life and made me into who I am. because My mother grew up motherless, She named me Omolara. AS her first born this had a great deal of significance. My name translates into “my child is my family” . Although We are a happy and loving family this situation is very unfortunate and I would hate to see so many other women go through it.

Maternal mortality is so great in developing countries and in women My age. Young girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are married and rearing children because of their culture but why should my age mates my sisters from all over the world suffer and lose their life because they are giving one. I dont see the point so I am working against this in all ways that i can. Preventative measures may be the best.
If you want more information
look up the White Ribbon Alliance and or eve come back here because i will definitely be talking about this quite often.

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Everyone wants to be a super hero when they are little. I remember my kindergarten class with Ms. Maimoni and Ms. Mehr… I changed what i wanted to become every Monday morning.
We would sing the “Good morning, Good morning, Good Morning to you” on the carpet and for the weeks that ensued I would want to be a teacher, singer, astronaut, dancer, mechanical engineer, nurse, fashion designer, the list doesnt end. Its funny I discovered what I want to do well two of my passions and if you know me well you know it involves health and designs. Well I actually want to be a super hero to, maybe not Storm, or Invisible girl but maybe Captain make Infant mortality obsolete. lol Seriously -_-…. I intend on starting this soon. WATCH ME FASTEN MY CAPE =*

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