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I must finish this paper…. like tonight! absolutely, Im so motivated then I change my mind and quit…. lay on the bed and cuddle my pillows while listening to awesome love songs. I think I lack productivity because i ate breakfast today, My body must be confused on what to do with all o fthe extra energy. Other than this paper and getting read for finals only  one thing is two things are on my mind.   My business[es]…. and my birthday.

The birthday dress  is here, im scared to pick it up, I dont want to hate it! The hotel is booked but I might have to change my mind …. which I dont think I will Its my birthday right only the important people will show up, all others can party elsewhere since I probably dont like them anyway. So maybe  I think I have a whole new IDEA!!!!!

My business[es]  I dont think of them as business but more just things I love doing that just happen to bring in income.  Theres nothgn greater than getting to do what you love and we all know if it’s techy I love it.  I really need to fix my mac.. I jammed the mouse so its screwing w my creativity. Also My sibs lost my bamboo tablet pen. EEK….  What else? Im tired of my Camera, its not flashy enough, Seriously I want a detachable lens.  I dont neessarily what anyone to get it for me for xmas id fel terrible lol it owuld just be easier to get money for christmas so I canbuy it myself on my birthday.. Clever Ehh?

Another thing thats bugging me… I wish All my close girls lived near me.. None of us live nearby anymore  at all, so sad i still see them and talk to them more than those I see everyday though, True story. Now….  to stay in this bed and complete the paper.. slowly, or to  get up, get dressed , pick up my dress in the maill room then Hit the library -_- yeh I might do the latter so i will have time to study for my actual final coming up, lord prepare me!

I feel like many people blog hoping NO ONE reads anything they blog… or maybe thats just me. Yeh.. or maybe I just like blogging for strangers and it makes me cringe to know that My loved ones and people I hold close & dear would find out how I really feel. Whatever….

I much rather people’s blogs than fiction, we only really get know know about the rich and famous while everyone else keeps their interesting lives bottled up with regrets and fear of people finding out about their darkest secrets and most embarrassing moments. Not to be a creep but I actually care to know. I dont mean to be invasive, i just cant seem to understand why I cant know what others are thinking especially when there are so many people out there! It is just selfish to keep all of your good stories and daily experiences to yourself.
Or im just nosey.. lol that may be it. such is life…..


I wish there were more people who blogged or talked about this whole Undergrad Pre-med & Medical school lifestyle. LIKE…. what did you do how did you think and how did you get there. I know some people are tough and must breeze through it but I just need to know other experiences and how to deal with mine. Dont get me wrong, I know exactly what I want and what I would like to do but now…. I dont know how I want to do any of these things. I always felt this way but now it is pressing on my mind and stressing me out. Its time again when I pick up my Ben Carson Book and remember that not everything works the way I want it to, also God always makes away.. even if it means Its not what i want. I promise that book has gotten be through alot. Time to read it.. AGAIN to get some more motivation -_-

So the song matters b/c the to me its like the book is the string im using to remember =) (listen to the song)

First and foremost, happy birthday to my younger brother Femi! He knows me better than i know myself, he remembers all the memories i purposely forgot. lol I confide in him more than anyone, friends and blog. My actual first best friend that can never leave me alone because we are bound by blood. I love him so much, he is so young and i want nothing but the best for him. No one can imagine how happy it makes me when He surpasses my accomplishments in life. I pray for God to bless him so much! God I love my brother. I was blessed with a good one. <3 LOVE YOU FEMI... ( his name is actually translated to "love me"... so everyone loves him by default) Thanks for being my rock and I hope im becoming a better sister as the days go by snookums!

On to me ummm I’m thinking A lot. mY sophomore year is over and every thing that happens from now on is CRITICAL to my future. Im trying to plan everything out and be strategic but its pointless because God has everything planned out for me already. He knew me my name my life my ambitions and my heart while I was still in womb and before then. So its so silly that I am still scared of everything. I am super driven and anxious and excited but I dont want to fail myself nor do i want to fail, Femi, My parents, my sibs…. still myself. No one nows how hard I am on myself. I plan too hard but Its not a bad thing I guess. My sister and I were just hanging out last week and she starts yelling, “omg im still thinking… and busy thinking”… Im all like.. wth thats fun. think till you implode, funny im trying to tell my mind to chillout right now. clearly that isnt working. I am still up at 4:34 thinking… crazy fast no rest worried.. excited… a bit kinda pissed thinking. =||


I never took Friday the 13th superstitions to be real, its silly to me, A day cannot be dedicated to bad luck and misfortunes. Yesterday was the exception for me, I know it had nothing to do with the actual date but Friday the 13th is not the day you want to hear bad news. Well I had been working on a project all year now, since the beginning of last summer. I put my Physical emotional and spiritual strength into making sure everything worked out well, I stressed, lost sleep , didn’t eat, cried prayed and stressed much more. I really thought it was going to work out the exact way I wanted but I guess that was silly of me.
Cliché moment, -Failing to plan is planning to fail…. but to me planning too much is just setting yourself up for failure.

Yeaaah….. I was super devastated when I realized my project didn’t end up the way I wanted but I surprised myself. I didn’t cry, nor did I whine… I just slept it off. I’m maturing I guess… last time something like this happened I bawled like a baby so its interesting to see I handled it like this, yay me.

I’ll have other opportunities to excel in life and Everything will work out for the good because Jesus said so… mhmm no stressing just blessings =)


I really want to blog about a lot but I dont have the patience to write it all down in one sitting, and Im sleepy… So

I wish It was Father’s day already So I could give my Daddy another Awesome ” I love you, you are the best person in the world,a nd the number one daddy, and the ulimatee pops!!!” gift I love that man way too much. Of course it would be a gift my mom would benefit from too since she is uber awesome as well.

I wish the info I need right now, would be at my fingertips….. right now.

I wish my siblings got out of their teenage phase, they are far worse than I was.. and I had an extreme teenage phase I thought I was so mature and wise.

I wish it was fall 2011, My season of AWESOME!

I wish it was Summer 2011, my season of Rendezvous ;-)

I wish the super duper amount of hits/visits I receive each month was evident in my comments… yall need to comment and stop stalking my life w/o input -_____- its so unfair.

I wish for a castle, a chariot, and a knight.. not in a literal sense nor what you may think… My fantasy world is something else.

I wish it was morning so I could wake up to JOHN LEGEND already, sounds crazy buuuuut that wish is coming true, bet, I’ll have photos, k goodnight I must have my beauty rest for John =)

So about my summer rendezvous, I’ve had the most enchanting summers since I was about 13 and its really cute too because I get butterflies whenever I think about them. Because i was in beast student/working woman mode last summer no butterflies fluttered in my tummy but I have a good feeling I’m going to have one of those memorable ones this year, Although Im going to be busy as all heck I’ll enjoy it!

and now we bump to Adele— summer breeze music!

primavera is evil w its flowers blooming and blossoming, im stuck w red and puffy ugly eyes, irritated nose and the list goes on. i shouldnt be going through this misery at 5am in the morning. i didnt want to take my medicine bc it literally knocks me out for hours at a time… but what the heck, idc anymore. i hope my kids dont get this crap

Lesson learned, 2 zyrtecs at 5 am means sleep till 2pm… Thank goodness I dont have early classes.
-_- Stupid allergies


Right after  church I went to shop right to get some ingredients for the mini feast  I wanted to cook for My sibs before I left.   Since then I had been on my feet in the kitchen.  Cooking is something I enjoy doing and tend to do well ONLY when I feel like it.  I’ve really just been cooking this past week and I dont know why really.    I was just happy that each meal I made  My sibs enjoyed them all.  My Final spring break dinner Before I finish the semester off  was  My perfected Jollof Rice  w plantains, Baked Chicken & turkey, and  Puff puff ( something similar to DD munchkins  but  FRIED and Fattening and Delicious!)

They really enjoyed my week back home  minus  th emoments we spent yelling at one another.  I really missed my sibs but I had forgotten how much I rely on them  and that really made me tired!  One practice after the other…  plus meetings, plus cooking, plus tutorung, plus discipline -_-.  As much as I am nagging thouh Iwould do anything for my babies  they are my heart.

Now to complete my final  Desing project for the week. I’ve really been living on photoshop and it went well for the most part.  I’ll have to update molliani soon.


The  Designs Im working on are coming out so well! Yay meeeeee… I cant belive how much better I have become but Im not complaining, No where but up from here!

Ok sooooo   I just had this moment with God (other people  who have these moments know what Im talking about) I was vexing over something  and freaking out!!   We talked  for a little bit and instantly Im feeling better.   I keep hearing  that no one should always rely on a pastor or man of God to  really get through to Him.  The Bible is  the gateway to  really having that perfect conversation with God and I have been really taking that for granted. But knowing  what he said in the word  makes such a huge difference in the confidence you have in prayer and  although I’m not    a bible scholar   I am trying to really  read it more and know what is in it so I can back up my prayers with what is in it.  So yeh.. I wasnt feeling great and I took the word and even sang the word!  Soon after I’m feeling great HI-Five for God!!!

ooh ooh!  So im working on   A t-shirt and Flyer design for a local church,  Im really excited and i’m hoping it comes out well, I cant wait to rock my JESUS SHIRT!!


lol ok NIght biddies

I dont think I’ll have a grand , super fabulous, glamourous,   Spring break until Next year and even more likely My senior year  but I dont really mind. Such is life  Right now I need to ‘grind’.  So Far I’ve been taking care of business lol  some  things concerning my sibs, helping my parents with a lot of stuff  and  also  Doing my own thing.

I was blessed with about 4  Clients this week who all need their projects done this week.  This really makes me happy because it proves that HUGE obnoxious Molliani Logo I put on the  ASA fliers for the February events caught a couple pf peoples eyes. It also shows that people like my work Im really glad I  improved during my practice period during the summer.  I want to be able to work on that this summer too… that is between  classes and work.

Im happy Wish me luck..  hopefully all this work will help me buy my new DSLR… (looking for a sexy  but   simple Cannon/Nikon DSLR)