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“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry, For Beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day, For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.”

^^ something my mom would totally say. I spent hours on skype with her the other day, lol Finally I asked her  how awesome would it be if she could skype and talk to her parents as much as I talk to her <3  it would have been such a lovely thing if she were able to.  But im so happy I get to talk and see my mummy whenever I want, that woman is my heart.  Being the first child and basically being w her alone for the longest  has been so important to me bc she was my best friend and big sister, mom and dad before anyone else mattered. I LOOOOOOVE HER!!!

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As usual When i’m not thinking of things of importance and value, love is always on my mind. It was fitting that I registered for a psychology of Love course this semester and I absolutely learned more about How humans love and more importantly how I love. My final Research and project are in the works but ive come to one conclusion, love can only be true, never abused, never neglected, and never compromised. So in short… Ive never loved, however I know what t is to love. So What brings this up other than the fact that im finishing up my research is this song I just came across

Hopefully All this will make some sort of sense. My language I love it so much. SImply… the way people are crazy over romance languages I am crazy over Yoruba, I honestly feel it is a SEXY language. It Commands and yet it is Prayerful and sweet…. See how beautiful it sounds in the Song DADA, her voice is great but the greatness in it is the language. Yoruba is a prayerful language and almost everything said is said with a positive mind and intentions. Dont get me wrong it can be harsh but words of endearment in yoruba go straight to the heart. Honestly…. its difficul to have a conversation with a yoruba person where Amen is not somewhere in the exchange.

As for the song IFE!!! I am so taken away! Its a true love song and it is nothing but sweet, Translation… We love eachother, and we are together so why not just get married of course this is no perfect translation but its good enough. As a love sap… I can just imagine singing this to someone I will one day love, this is a classic in my ears so genuine and lovely.

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My favorite movie in the whole entire world is the musical, the sound of music. I think It is because I absolutely adore Julie Andrews and that Fancy British Accent. Its also because Maria the main character who Julie plays is a dreamer to the umpteenth power. Nothing ever made her to stop dreaming, Not a bunch of bad kids, the nazis, some mean nuns… nothing (im totally aware that the musical was loosely based on fact but w/e). I grew up thinking I can dream my way out of things and once things get bad I sing about my favorite things and pretend I am on singing on the Alps. ( I actually got to go to Austria and do this during high school…) Dreaming is a pastime and is ingrained in my lifestyle. If i couldn’t dream, the most outlandish things I wouldn’t be me. The only problem would be fear but Someone told me that Fear is a dream killer and quite frankly i dream way too much to have them slaughtered to death by a useless feeling. For those of you that don’t dream and fantasize as much as I do.. Im sorry for you I guess., your real world must really suck =)

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Its father’s day and Im thinking about how much my siblings mean to me.
I love my daddy so much though… I can never explain how much I love that man. He is the epitome of perfection in my eyes. He is gentle lovin hardworking and super hilarious and fun. Getting blessed with a father like him was no mistake He’s mine!! all mine! I guess I have to share him w these brats but w/e.

Ok so my siblings. At times Im really mean to them and they are now in their teen years so they are returning the favor. However I love them as if they were my own children, Im scared I dont love them more than my own but who knows. i push them so hard sometimes and I feel like they might start to resent me for it. It hurts a little but when it all pays off I wont care. It just isnt fair that they look at me as if i am a bully now. I know I cant make scrifices for them like my parents do but I break my back to make sure they never repeat the mistakes I have and they surpass their intended success. I love those brats! they are my babies. I wish they knew how much I care about them. No one understands how much it hurts me when they are all sour face when I tell them no or make them do something they dont want to.

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Twas Blog Surfing and I came across this

I know they are just coworkers BUT… the feelings they had to sing about this and make a video this way had to have come from somewhere. I’m sure people often find themselves in an embrace that you really do not want to let go. You lay there in bliss looking for a way to make it last longer and never end. *rolls eyes… I don’t know why people don’t believe in love, its so real and powerfully. It more than the emotion that causes people to act crazy but its that force that makes you feel whole, light headed, and naturally high. =) I love everything about this song and video. Superficially they are both hot! Timothy Bloom’s voice reminds me so much of why I love Old pre-60′s R&B and soul… and again he is GOOORGEOUUUSSS (oprah voice) replay replay replay.

But seriously if you have that idea of what overwhelming love is i’m sure you can overlook the fact that they are both in the nude and its more of an artistic way of undressing you heart, breaking barriers and allowing the love to make an eternal bond.
Yes Im crazy for love… ignore me if you will.

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Being in love is such a great feeling.   Im not in love right now.. but I have been  before  and I’m sure I will be a few more times before I find “the one”.  I don’t think  you have to fall in love with one person its so easy to fall in love with different characteristics of different individuals.   It doesnt mean  I’ll be content  or  that the love will be returned but it feels great for the moment and when its time to move on….  I’ll accept the fact and  keep searching for the love of my life.  Until then I’ll enjoy the bits and pieces of mini loves I encounter.

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In the Past Week I met w two Prominent officials of the Top organizations working to advocate maternal health & prevent Maternal mortality.  I dont know how I got this far with being involved with both orgs but I’m enjoying my progress to provide minimal healthcare to women that are lacking. Last week i met witht he student advocate director for the UNFPA  (United Nations Population fund) and just yesterday I had a one on one meeting with Senior Project officer of the White Ribbon Alliance (both of which their offices are conveniently located in DC.   I didnt know college students werent very enthused to be apart of such a mission to promote maternal health so I was surpised at their surprise at how passionate I am about this cause.  I’m currently trying to get more involved with both orgs and it wont be a problem becuase they are close partners in a number of things.  I’ve been assigned to  some small projects for now but I can only imagine the day where I can administer health care myself  or even sit side by side Christy turlington whilst telling other individuals why it is so important to  provide a secure form of maternal health.

This should be an interesting  journey for me…

Its cheesy but Im the princess of cheesey lol  yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had other than my birthday 1/8   and 1/18.. see the similarity? Everything is moving in the perfect direction and I had one of those  miracle moments. God is really working in my life people.  As I write blogs each day they are becoming mini testimonies and I’m starting to think maybe thats why I blog.   I have been through some interesting times in the past two years and without God and My wonderful friends that happened to be well acquainted with him before ….I wouldn’t be able to stand on solid rock today. Things that I shouldn’t even be able to say or do are possible because God has intervened in my life in  so many situations.  I’ll admit I dont necessarily blog about my problems  in detail but it shouldn’t matter. Im not ready to pour my heart out. When I do pour my heart out.. its a private post..if I ever feel comfortable to publicize them You will see that MY GOD IS A LIVING GOD.    He takes the place of Prozac, a financial Loan, a therapist/psychologist, a doctor, a friend, a lover, and often times a relative.  God is there for me… I know I happen to draw back from him on occasion but he never  says he wont take me back and for whatever reason he shows me his grace, favor, and  mercy to every day.

I just wanted to share How Much I love my Living God,  My Jesus, my Emmanuel <3 ….

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One thing I cant do is love others and express how I feel about them. I try my hardest to be caring and sweet to others but the love that you provide for your siblings family and friends aren’t the same as the one you  share with the one.   I haven’t been looking for anyone but it sure would be nice to have someone around. I’ve come to terms that I’m not ready to be in an actual relationship in which both of us are ready to make sacrifices for one another.  I’m feeling quite selfish lately so why rush into something that will only lead to trouble. Overall it’s no big deal….  When I do start to think about how silly I sound for thinking about such trivial things I remember this song. I was driving one day  in a very lovey dovey mood and reminicing on past relationships and I heard the lyrics

Why are you looking for love
Why are you still searching as if I’m not enough

It was a “DUH” moment…  all the things I think I need from a significant other is being provided by  my eternal love of my life!   If you have never felt God’s love then  you will just think Im crazy and that is ok.   The love will come on its on but God will always be my love and its the best feeling to know that that is an everlasting commitment and he isnt going anywhere.

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If you care to check, I suggest you should,   I always post something on or around the holidays. If you care to notice, I know you will, I have always been rather bitter and angry around the holidays.  As everything in my life is getting better and orderly and BLESSED… it is showing.   God did it, I know there is more to come but Last night was the night Ihave always wanted.  A Thanksgiving dinner with people I love. They know I love them, I know they love me,  and quite honestly the feels I felt last night could not be explained.

Basically I was introduced to my new Grandad last night.  My mother basically adopted a new mom and dad. (They are quite wonderful people, beautiful family and so loving. Everything Ive always wanted in Grandparents lol)  Well we  went to their home for thanksgiving last night and I promise it was like being in a cosby episode, I am just saying this to get the point across of how good I felt.   The home was filled with Success, happiness, and Love.  The whole night I was thinking I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS, I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!…. I will, jus t now now, Im still tryingt o enjoy the feeling I felt being with my family and my new extended family.