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Being busy has been the best thing that’s happened to be all semester. It’s been a while since I have been this occupied. less Time to think and more time to actualize my potential!! lol too much? Well I’ve been really enjoying this semester Not sure why exactly but its great, Challenging but I love it Maybe because everything fell into place around me too.

unimportant note, I really love getting to meet people because I am always wrong w my initial impression. I’m ok w that bc its nice to know people are usually what I make them up to be. Usually I sum up the worse just because its easier that way. When people show you how interesting awesome and wonderful they are its nice to know there are cool people like that around.

Not sure when I’ll be back…. intense stuff. But I’ve accomplished a lot since may. * Air 5!!… more to do by next May Abi?


The Semester is off to a good start but I dont have any breaks, which is really what I want. I hate having free time , thats when I slack the most lol mainly bc I dont know how to manage my time efficiently.. I dont care for it bc i’m a hippie at heart. Even though this Semester will be a long and rigorous one.. you know Junior year and all… I’m so appreciative of my support system. They will seriously get me through, You know the best and most genuine friends are the ones you can call at 3 in the morning


I wish there were more people who blogged or talked about this whole Undergrad Pre-med & Medical school lifestyle. LIKE…. what did you do how did you think and how did you get there. I know some people are tough and must breeze through it but I just need to know other experiences and how to deal with mine. Dont get me wrong, I know exactly what I want and what I would like to do but now…. I dont know how I want to do any of these things. I always felt this way but now it is pressing on my mind and stressing me out. Its time again when I pick up my Ben Carson Book and remember that not everything works the way I want it to, also God always makes away.. even if it means Its not what i want. I promise that book has gotten be through alot. Time to read it.. AGAIN to get some more motivation -_-

So the song matters b/c the to me its like the book is the string im using to remember =) (listen to the song)

click this I dont usually take things from tumblr but that was just… a duh duh duh duh true image^

If you know me very well you know what I mean when I say Denise Huxtable Syndrome… right now I am Denise to the point of no return. I really need divine intervention . I’ll eventually figure stuff out, no stress right? This is what I get for always wanting more than I need. Dreaming big is a burden. =/ until you actually make it. Patiently waiting.


I never took Friday the 13th superstitions to be real, its silly to me, A day cannot be dedicated to bad luck and misfortunes. Yesterday was the exception for me, I know it had nothing to do with the actual date but Friday the 13th is not the day you want to hear bad news. Well I had been working on a project all year now, since the beginning of last summer. I put my Physical emotional and spiritual strength into making sure everything worked out well, I stressed, lost sleep , didn’t eat, cried prayed and stressed much more. I really thought it was going to work out the exact way I wanted but I guess that was silly of me.
Cliché moment, -Failing to plan is planning to fail…. but to me planning too much is just setting yourself up for failure.

Yeaaah….. I was super devastated when I realized my project didn’t end up the way I wanted but I surprised myself. I didn’t cry, nor did I whine… I just slept it off. I’m maturing I guess… last time something like this happened I bawled like a baby so its interesting to see I handled it like this, yay me.

I’ll have other opportunities to excel in life and Everything will work out for the good because Jesus said so… mhmm no stressing just blessings =)


Yes!! Completed my Sophomore year yesterday….. Lésigh, I haven’t been blogging as often as I usually did because I was busy! I basically had a test every day this past week and 3 tests yesterday. I actually have one more take home project due but it doesn’t require much effort, thus I am a Rising junior and life is great! Since September I’ve been praying for these past two semesters to come along quickly and they did just that. In between all of that I’ve Laughed Cried, Stressed and thought alot, but Its life and I cant say I regret a thing this last academic year. What i can really say I did this year was find my self. I know its sounds cliché’ as is everything else i say, but this year was filled with a lot of interesting situations that made me challenge who I was. Im really glad I came across such obstacles and people because I’m smiling now. :CHEEEEEEESE: Now I have a great journey ahead, Im really looking forwards to the summer, Fall, Next Spring and everything else coming my way. LIFE IS GOOD!


I honestly liked it better when people asked me what do you want to be when you grow up rather than.. what is your major.  As  the indecisive person I am… I find reasons to change my major  well almost every day… and I actually want to change it everyday while still  focused on one goal .. MED SCHOOL..  I didn’t come to college to  focus on one thing and be bored with  one  terrible subject but more-so to test my limits and see other things that are out there for me.  I might just be going to college in the wrong era then.  When I was little My perception on college  was so different… not I cant wait to get out.  I am being Denise Huxtable and I know it, I dont mind either because I know someway, somehow it WILL all workout for me, once I figure out exactly what I want.    Some people think I’m an art major, others think I’m business and  If I were in the engineering building ad often as I used to be last year they’d probably think I wanted to be an engineering student as well….   What evs, No stress.

Its a shame though, this whole experience is moving ridiculously fast, sophomore year is  over in less than a month and  I refuse to spend more  time that I intended to at howard, I girl’s got to Grow so a girl’s got to go… the  amount of times I hear people say they have to stay longer than they anticipated irks me.  So   if it means time has to move fast and I dont get to enjoy college.. let it be so because I DO NOT  want to be a super senior.

As for that.. wish me luck these next few week, its going to be   me and these books!


Helena Andrews is a purveyor of all things awesome


Honestly I hate the title, I wish it wasnt so vulgar, but vulgarity sells…. I know I will absolutely love the book content wise. From what I read about her life.. she’s  someone to look up to, and being  that i loooove nonfiction im ready for this memoir.  What makes it exciting is that She is still young  and the book is recent, if i were to ever meet her, which I plan on doing I can still ask her some relevant detailed questions. As in there wouldnt be much of a generation gap, neither would it be too awkward i may be getting ahead of myself I havent even read the book yet Excuse me. I almost wish that a kindle will kindly fall on my lap today (and stay there) so  I can purchase the e-book version of  this memoir by Helena Andrews.  She just seems like someone I need to know about.   An 80′s rendition of the authors  I’ve Grown up reading.  Every time I read a book by an African American woman  I hope to find something about myself. Not to be cliche but it is a fact.  Each book  allows me to find out if I am truly the only one going through the ordeals in my life  and  if not.. how did they fix their  situations so i can learn from them.DUH. (not too important but significant to me)  Until now, I hadnt realized how much I enjoy and read these select books… still not too sure [mid thought that I cant  quite explain]  BUT  I need this one.  If you want to get  it for me be my guest but I honestly think this will be my only Black Friday Purchase today.

Imagine the Awkward feeling I had  Saying Bitch over the Phone line to a Barnes & Noble  Associate.  Currently calling them to see if it is in stock, If so I AM DEF going to get it today. Then maybe Half of the Yellow Sun because Derin.. aka NOLA  says it is just that good.  (edit) THEY DONT HAVE IT! why?!  ugh… amazon it is. =’(I haven’t been reading as much as I would like to. It is so depressing. I need need neeeeeeed an Ebook reader

******* On second note

I dont think I will like it. Im listening to the audible and it sounds Annoying.  Unless it is just the way the woman is Reading it who is not the Author, We’ll see..


I have been havin a week long conversation about how love is non existent. I believe in it and she has this theory that people mistake it for tolerance. It is really screwing me up. I am not in love, never really have been but I thought it was real. I still think it is real. I cant imagine looking into the eyes of my husband the night of our wedding and thinking… wow do I tolerate this man.

Omoproject- I decided on what to do as a superhero I always knew but I never knew how to go about it.
I fell in love with mothers day every day organization, care organization, and The White Ribbon Alliance. They speak for everything I belive in, lowering the rate of maternal and infant mortality. It is a very serious issue to me… (lost my grandmother and aunt b/c of it)…. sole reason I want to become a doctor and not an R.N.

The Happiness Scale- I would say that I am happy 8/8…. that explains it right?

Rodin- Not sure how I feel about my childhood best friend being pregnant. So I do admit we didnt do sleep overs,or birthday parties, or even much of anything at all… I mean My parents are African and I was always on lock down. But… she was there for the most part when I did need her and I appreciated her friendship I just wish she didnt end up like this. First it was getting arrested… then it was getting kicked out of school now the girl is pregnant. It hurts my heart. I think i should tell my mom. Im just glad I wasn’t influenced by her. It is just unfortunate that she wasn’t influenced by me >.<

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