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I have not been to this 10am class a long time but just bc I don’t fo to class so early doesn’t mean there aren’t early morning creeps on the metro. My goodness you can’t escape them on DC just. Crazies all over. Before I got on the metro my Roomie tells me that my face looks swollen. On the account of the fact that my cheeks bulge on their own anyway and I don’t feel like my face is swollen I’m not really worrying . It could be the fact that I ate some foreign things at the Chinese buffet las night. My other Roomie told me to try crab something and I did and it was good but I don. Usually dont eat seafood except for shrimp salmon and telapia. So back to he metro the duck sitting next to me has his legs all wide open and I can’t sit comfy. Smh… Well this is my stop toodles!


I am currently in the metro and the two ladies in front of me each have their own kindle. I want one so badly it would fix the fact that I don’t get to read as much as I would like for leisure. Once I get my ebook reader I will read as often as I like because the books will literally be at my finger tips. It will also eliminate my laziness to order books for classes. That ruined me last semester they always want us to purchase Soo many books it starts to get expensive. The amazon ebooks are like $9 and I believe they aren’t so bad on iTunes either. So I talked to my daddy this morning and he was hinting on getting it for me. Yay if I don’t get it for Christmas I should definitely anticipate on having one for my birthday. Quite awesome you know. Being that I am enjoying. Blogging instead of tweeting (trying to get out of this social networking warp) I will tweet once every morning on my way to school on the metro. And then my occasional late night… On my way to bed blog =]