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wouldnt it be nice if I actually edited this thing? HAHAH…. not likely to happen, deal with it, I hate editing. This isnt school!

I really should be in bed now but I slept earlier and I decided to do laundry and clean up instead, and I’m pretty much trying to clean and tidy up eveything.  My semester is almost over and I’m nothing but thrilled, I really can’t wait for winter break its such a good feeling. I’m already in the holiday spirit and another good thing is ky bday is coming up ! I just feel like ill really get to enjoy this break Plus I might have a bit more time to blog, this is the least I’ve ever blogged…. Stuff just got real lol school is something this time around. Hmm well ill br back maybe sooner


This semester is serious! Sigh… I just caught a break, actually in the library and not supposed to be blogging but I wanted to take a breather and blog here it has been soooo long.

her names reminds me of one of my favorite Indian names Anjoli ( I just caught the vid, guess she is indian)
lol but I LOOOOVE this song
Peace-Love- & laba laba

Currently reading one of the funniest blogs of my life. like it is Hilarious and it makes me want to air out everyone I know but I wont, well not if it isn’t anonymously. SO everything has just been super weird for me lately like I dont know why I am in the situations I am in half the time. I am always in a situation Always around people I would rather not be around and always finding myself in trouble. Im not quite sure if I put myself in trouble or if trouble just finds me and tags along.
Even though I have not had much fun this summer, I have been involved in some drama, low key that is. I’ve witnessed infidelity, Lust, Whores do what they do best, some scams, tears… pure craziness, some illegal ish, some lies here and lots of stuff I rather not mention . That is not to say I was involved in any of these things Im just saying I was there when they happened.

summer 2011.. it has been the driest ever, I dont know if August will compensate but if It does I will break it down.


They look Nigerian… case closed. back to studying.


I dont know where my nikon is and I dont really care I want another model..


Do the people you date reflect who you are as a person… If so I feel kinda bad. I must be a crap ass individual?
hahahaha ok maybe I’m exxagerating but if Present Omo.. could visit younger Omo.. I’d slap her twice then whip her w a koboko stick so she knew to stay away from them…
Lmbo! Ok this is cracking me up, when do i write these things, and how come I never publish them?


How many dreams am I supposed to give up until I can actually live the one dream I’ve wanted since I could even do anything else?

Another draft I didn’t know I wrote


Even when I know I am expected to do something and it is wiser for me not to do the expected I rather do it bc it makes me feel better. For something I am so used to I don’t know why I am still brazen by it. If I am used to the rain I might as well bring out an umbrella. If I know it’s dinner time I should be ready to consume. Despite my experience in many situation I get surprised each time. Like the definition for insanity doing the same thing Orr and over expecting it to have a differny result. My situation is more so being in the same situation over and over expecting there to be some eureka and grand light bulb showing that something has got to change. No idea on what goes on in my life outside of my own body anymore things just have their own way of happening and i constantly have no say. I have plenty of questions with no one willing to answer. It is sickening. I am one of those people that would enjoy the hoot life style if it weren’t for my love of electronics but I don’t belive in wat i think everyone should walk around with smiles and when you are sad talk about your feelings. Clearly I am the only person on this side of the world who feels this way…. And because of my mind set I can’t understand many people and their actions or it could be ppl don’t understand me. At the end of the day, month semester it whatever I just want to be happy. I don’t want anymore compromising situations it’s unfair but laird always stressed that there is no such thing as fairness what a sad and pathetic way to live one’s life!! ……..
This was in my drafts, I don’t know when I wrote it though, wow… I’m deff not that upset w life anymore
Yay me!